Top 4 Premier League Shot Stoppers This Season – Featuring Tottenham And Burnley Stars

The Premier League is one of the most competitive leagues in Europe with teams around the country possessing some high-quality stars who help them compete with the best every year. The English domestic league has some star players in every position fighting for supremacy and hence it is always a treat to watch matchups between some of the biggest stars in various positions in the squad. A number of goalkeepers that are among the best in the business in Europe have been busy this season helping their clubs in England this season but who has been the best? With just 10 games left in the competition, it is a good time to try and understand who has been the best this season. So here are the top 4 shot-stoppers in the Premier League this season, based on the stats:

Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur) – 10 clean sheets:

Hugo Lloris

The French international has been an influential player for the Spurs this season, keeping 10 clean sheets already. He has conceded just 19 goals, which is the lowest among the top-6 sides while also making 54 saves, which is better than both De Gea and Courtois this season. He has dominated his area with 6 punches in the box while also making 26 sweeper clearances, thus making him an impact player for the Spurs. According to the stats, Lloris has been the best shot-stopper this season in the league.

Petr Cech (Arsenal) – 8 clean sheets:

Arsenal's new signing Petr Cech completely looked off-colour

The Arsenal star has not been consistent this season but when called into action in crunch games, he has been exemplary. With 8 clean sheets in the league, Cech is right up there with the best in the business but he has conceded 31 goals, which is the highest among the top 6 sides. However, he has made 78 saves, which is also better than any keeper for the top-6 sides and his 18 sweeper clearances is also among the best. With 8 punches in his area, Cech has been determined to not let the opponent score and has been among the best this season.

Tom Heaton (Burnley) – 6 clean sheets:

Though he has kept just 6 clean sheets so far this season, Tom Heaton still finds a way into this list thanks to his other attributes. He has conceded 35 goals, which is down to Burnley’s defence but what puts him in this list is his number of saves. Having made 105 proper saves already this season, Tom Heaton has made 10 saves more than his next competitor and stands as one of the most effective shot-stoppers this season in the league. He has also made 9 punches, 10 sweeper clearances, and 21 claims, making the Burnley defence a little bit stronger.

Jordan Pickford (Sunderland) – 2 clean sheets:

Arguably the best shot-stopper in the league this season, Pickford has been Sunderland’s best player so far this campaign. Even after missing a couple of months, Pickford, who has kept just 2 clean sheets this season makes this list with his 84 saves. Only Ben Foster and Tom Heaton have made more saves this season in the PL. He has made 13 punched clearances off his box, 19 sweeper clearances to keep his side in the hunt, but has conceded 31 goals, thanks to the defence in front of him. But his stats make him one of the most influential shot stoppers in the league this season.

*All stats were taken from the Premier League’s official website.

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