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Top 3 Signings That Went The Wrong Way This Season Featuring Manchester United And Liverpool Stars

Signing a player in this day and age of scouting networks and constant scrutinizing should make it easy for teams to get it right but more often than not, teams sign players and they just don’t seem to click. Spending millions on a player and then watching him become a Fernando Torres at Chelsea or an Andy Carroll at Liverpool is never the best thing for both parties.

This happens more often than not in the Premier League as well, just like other leagues and teams, not every transfer is a hit and this is true for a lot of big name stars in the Premier League as well. We now look at the three worst signings from the Premier League this season.

Radamel Falcao (Manchester United)

Radamel Falcao

At the top of the world a year ago and raring to take Colombia to the next level in the World cup, cue a bad injury and a much debated move to Manchester United, Radamel Falcao’s fall from grace is faster than Ashley Young trying to throw himself to the ground in the penalty box.

The Colombian might be on astronomical wages but he has barely made an impact for Manchester United, who seem to play better with him on the bench rather than partnering Robin Van Persie. He has only played 19 games for the club and has scored just 4 goals all season, the latest ignominy for the striker? Playing an U21 game for United and getting hauled off, how the mighty have fallen.

Mario Balotelli (Liverpool)

Mario Balotelli Teasing Suarez

The enigma that is Balotelli never ceases to be out of the limelight, he has had quite a season at Liverpool even though he has not played as many games as you would have expected. Brendan Rodgers knew he was taking a gamble with the striker and well the gamble has not paid off.

Balotelli has scored some important goals for the Reds, like the goal against Ludogorets in the Champions League or the winning goal against Tottenham but he has not been able to play as Liverpool want him to and he has also had a bit of a squabble with Henderson regarding a penalty, though Henderson was the instigator of the problem in the first place. Balotelli might be on his way out of the club as he has not been able to fit in or gel in as much as Rodgers would have wanted.

Ander Herrera (Manchester United)

Ander Herrera

Another big money signing for the Red Devils, Herrera came into the club for a lot of money and was one of the targets during David Moyes’ reign but even in this new philosophy of Louis Van Gaal, Herrera has not been able to play as well as he did for his preview club Athletic Bilbao.

The Spaniard does seem lost a few times when he turns up for the Reds and he does look a little lightweight for the Premier League, we could have included the likes of Di Maria in the list as well but we went ahead with Herrera primarily because he has not given United as much as Di Maria has although the Argentine could have easily been in this list.

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