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Top 3 Premier League goalkeepers Of 2017 featuring Chelsea and Manchester United stars

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Top 3 Goalkeepers In The Premier League From The Calendar Year 2017

Much of a team’s success ends up depending on how good their goalkeeper is. More often than not, a good goalkeeper can actually help teams win games and a weak one can cost a lot of points for clubs. Arguably, yes, a team’s defence also matters when it comes to conceding goals. To that extent, one might consider the role of a goalkeeper a bit unfair but that is what makes it so important as well. Most of the game’s outcome depends on those nerve-wracking milliseconds before the keeper either saves or concedes a goal since that affects the result at the vey end.

Hence, goalkeepers are a fairly under-appreciated yet important breed and here are the 3 best goalkeepers in the Premier League for the year 2017.

Thibaut Courtois – Chelsea

Having won the Golden Glove last season, Courtois played a major role in helping his team win the trophy. He maintained the most number of clean sheets last term and could do the same this season as well. Right now though, he has maintained 10 so far and is tied with David De Gea in that regard. Having faced 51 shots on goal so far this season, Courtois has saved 38 attempts. He has allowed 14 goals past him in the current campaign. The Blues are lucky enough to have some strong centre-backs and with Courtois manning the goal, Antonio Conte’s men have had quite a good season so far, despite an opening day hiccup against Burnley.

David De Gea – Manchester United

De Gea and Manchester United have now become synonymous. It is tough to imagine one without the other and the Red Devils’ beloved ‘flying Spaniard’ seems to show no signs of slowing down. Having narrowly missed out on the Golden Glove last season to Courtois, De Gea is once more tied with the Chelsea keeper at the top with 10 clean sheets. Having faced 89 shots on goal, De Gea has made 71 saves and has conceded 16 goals so far. He has been super consistent in goal and United owe a lot of their good fortune to his magic in goal.

Ederson Moraes – Manchester City

Moraes technically joined City only in June from Benfica but there has not been a single day where he has not impressed. In fact, he has been in top form for a good majority of the year and it would be quite unfair to not include him just because he joined over the summer. Although Petr Cech was a strong contender for this spot, Ederson’s numbers are far more convincing. The City keeper has maintained 9 clean sheets this season and has saved 27 of the 38 shots on goal. He has conceded only 12 goals, which is a far cry from Cech’s 25.

All stats are from Fox Sports