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Top 3: Forgotten EPL Players This 2013-14 Campaign

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Every Premier League starts with a new hope, new desire, new enthusiasm and a fresh beginning. Whereas some players look forward to the campaign to kick start their career, others try to match their levels achieved over the last season. However, there will always be a crop of players whose future will be cast into doubt for one reason or the other. They will be left to rot or will be warming the bench for the entire campaign, yet will not get any game time what so ever. This Premier League season too, which is of growing relevance ahead of next year’s showcase World Cup in Brazil, Soccersouls takes a look at three of the players who have become the forgotten men this campaign.

Charles Nzogbia:

Once tipped to reach and scale new heights, Charles N’Zogbia has cut a sorry figure at Villa Park. He joined the Claret and Blue from Wigan in 2009 with a £9.5m price tag but hardly lived up to the billing. With only two starts this season and ruled out till the end of January thanks to an Achilles injury, the French International perhaps needs to force a move away from Villa Park to reignite his career. He has also played for the French National team for a couple of occasions, but failed to stomp his place on the side. Nothing helps a stalled career at 27 when it’s the time to shine.