Top 3 Biggest Scapegoats In EPL – Mesut Ozil Takes Top Spot, Liverpool’s Midfield General Comes Second

The Premier League is beyond doubt one of the most entertaining competitions in Europe but it is also very demanding. Fans from across the world are quick to pounce on players who are mediocre, sometimes even when they are not. So it does not come as a surprise that fans of various clubs in the country often turn against their players and vent their frustration on the players who let them down (so they think). This has over the years seen a number of players turn into scapegoats for the fans and also for the social media trolls.  Here are 3 such players who are the top 3 scapegoats in the Premier League this season:

3. Luke Shaw (Manchester United):

A scapegoat not just for the fans but also for the manager, Luke Shaw, is one of the stars of the future in England but he is not enjoying his time in Manchester. The English star was expected to be the future right-back for the national team and was expected to be the first choice at the Old Trafford as well. He started in decent manner under the new manager Jose Mourinho but a couple of below-par performances have seen him lose his place in the side. Though he is not really hated by the fans, he is a player that Mourinho does not trust and at his age, it will be hurtful for the full-back. He needs a regular run in the first team to get back to his best but Mourinho, pushed by his demanding fans, has not been able to get him back into the first team. Shaw remains the biggest scapegoat for United this season.


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