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Top 10 Worst Soccer Injuries Ever

Football history has seen some breathtaking injuries. Here’s a look at the worst soccer injuries ever

Football is a beautiful game, but only one aspect of life that makes it a dangerous one is the brutal injuries on the field. So let’s look at some of the worst soccer injuries that happened.

10. Luke Shaw- PSV vs Man Utd, September 15, 2015 

It was a UEFA Champions League match between PSV Eindhoven and Manchester United when Luke Shaw suffered a double leg break. He even admitted that he feared he might never play again.

Youtube: Directly Matches HD22

Shaw was out for ten months but made his comeback in a friendly against Wigan in mid-July.

9. Jacob Olesen – Viborg FF (Danish Superliga)

Danish Striker Jacob Olesen suffered a horrific injury as he dislocated his left ankle while playing a match in October 2006. It kept him out for six months. 

Jacob Olesen - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia
Jacob Olesen suffered a horrific leg injury (Alchetron)

8. Alan Smith- Liverpool vs Manchester United, February 18, 2006

Sir Alex Ferguson has described it as one of the worst injuries he has ever seen on the football field. Smith broke his left leg and dislocated his ankle after landing awkwardly while blocking a free kick. It kept him out for seven months.

Youtube: Ang3licalD3vil

7. Ewald Lienen – Aminia Bielefield vs Werder Breman, August 14, 1981 

Ewald Lienen suffered a brutal injury when defender Norbert Siegmann slit his thigh open with his studs, resulting in a deep open wound of 25cm, exposing his muscle and femur. 

Ewald Lienen after suffering an open would of 20 cm during the
Ewald Lienen after suffering an open would of 20 cm during the match (DW)

The wound got 23 stitches, and Lienen started practising again after 17 days. This is one of the worst soccer injuries in terms of open wounds.

6. Djibrll Cisse- Blackburn v Liverpool, October 30, 2004

Cisse’s leg break happened at Ewood Park while playing Liverpool, where his tibia and fibula both got fractured due to an awkward fall after the striker caught his blade boots in the turf.

Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse reveals just how close he was to  having foot amputated when he suffered double leg break against Blackburn
Djibril Cisse suffered a severe injury breaking his leg (Talk Sport)

He was out of action for just seven months as he made a miraculous comeback after such a severe blow.

5. Henrik Larsson – Celtic vs Lyon, October 21, 1999

Larsson suffered a horrific career-threatening injury, breaking his leg in two places. This kept him out for eight months. Celtic got defeated against Lyon 0-1 in that UEFA cup match.

Henrik Larsson broke his leg in two places (BBC News)

4. Luc Nilis- Aston Villa vs Ipswich, September 9, 2000

Belgian striker Nilis joined Aston Villa on a free transfer. Still, his hope of playing in the Premier League was short-lived as he sustained a double fracture on his right leg following a collision with Ipswich keeper Richard Wright.

Youtube: AVFC1897

Nilis was forced to announce his retirement four months later.

3. Luciano Almeida – Botafogo vs Flamengo, 2007

Luciano suffered a deadly injury during a match between two Brazilian clubs as his right ankle got dislocated and poorly broken. It kept him out for five months until he was fully recovered.

FIFA World Cup 2010: 10 Worst Soccer Injuries of All-Time (With Video) |  Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights
Luciano Almeida with his dislocated ankle (Bleacher Report)

2. David Bust- Manchester United vs Coventry City, April 8, 1996

It is arguably one of the most infamous football injuries ever. It was so bad that BBC and Sky refrained from showing the heart-wrenching footage of the Coventry defender’s collision with Manchester United defender Denis Irwin. 

David Bust suffered one of the horrific injuries in the history of football (Youtube)

1. Petr Cech- Reading vs Chelsea, October 14, 2006

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech nearly lost his life following a controversial challenge from Reading’s Stephen Hunt. He was left severely concussed after being kneed in the head, which resulted in him collapsing in the dressing room.

Chad on Twitter: "On this day: 2006 - Petr Cech received his head injury (vs  Reading) from Stephen Hunt, causing him to wear headgear in future games.  #CFC #Chelsea https://t.co/KDSvNnH98L" /
Peter Cech suffered an injury to his skull (Twitter)

He had suffered a blood clot and underwent emergency surgery for a depressed skull fracture. However, he made a miraculous return just three months later, wearing a rugby-style head guard that protects the part of his skull area weakened by the collision.