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Top 10 World Cup goals of all time

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AL WAKRAH, QATAR - NOVEMBER 22: Pyrotechnics explode around a giant FIFA World Cup trophy prior to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group D match between France and Australia at Al Janoub Stadium on November 22, 2022 in Al Wakrah, Qatar. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Winning the World Cup still remains to be a dream for many elite footballers and every football fan from each country prays so that their country could win the trophy and, in this article, we will see the top ten goals in FIFA World Cup history.

From solo to team effort goals and from long-range to tap-in goals, every goal has its own presence in football. Here are some of the greatest goals in World Cup history which stand as a memory for many players and fans. Let us get started without any further delay.

10. Dennis Bergkamp: Netherlands v Argentina (1998)

Dennis Bergkamp is a former Arsenal and Netherlands football player who played as a forward. The player scored a winner in the 90th minute assisted by his former teammate F. De Boer in the quarterfinal match against Argentina.

The match already saw 2 red cards, one per team and the score was 1-1 until 90 when Bergkamp controlled the long-range pass from De Boer in the opponent’s box and fired past the keeper to knock Argentina out of the World Cup in 1998.

9. Nelinho: Brazil v Italy (1978)

Nelinho of Brazil scored one of the best goals in World Cup history when Brazil faced Italy in the 1978 World Cup. The fans are still unsure whether the player intended a cross or a shot.

The player hit the ball with the outside of the boot which curled into the far corner of the post and certainly, it stands as one of the best goals in the history of football.

8. Saeed Al-Owairan: Saudi Arabia v Belgium (1994)

Saudi Arabia qualified for the 1994 FIFA World Cup for the first time in World Cup history. It didn’t take much time for the forward to write his name in the history of the country by scoring a remarkable goal which still stays in the heart of Arabian football fans.

The team started to counterattack, where the player took the ball from his own half and started running. He dribbled past 4 of the opponents including the goalkeeper to score an amazing goal.

7. Josimar: Brazil v Northern Ireland (1986)

Josimar is a former Brazil football player who played as a fullback throughout his career. He was one of the highly-rated right-backs of his time and has played many matches for his home country.

When Brazil faced Northern Ireland in a 1986 FIFA World Cup group stage match, Brazil received a free-kick 30 yards away from the post. The shot was stopped by the opponent’s wall and Josimar received a pass from his teammate from the rebound. He dribbled past three opponent players and scored the goal from an incredibly difficult angle which made this goal iconic.

6. Carlos Alberto: Brazil v Italy (1970)

Carlos Alberto the former Brazilian fullback netted the goal against Italy in the final of the 1970 FIFA World Cup final to win the Cup. The goal was completely a team effort and the fullback had sprinted in the opponent’s box to receive the pass and fired the ball from 20 metres away which stands as an iconic goal of the country.

Carlos Alberto features in our list of top 10 World Cup goals. (Photo credit should read CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP via Getty Images)

5. Michael Owen: England v Argentina (1998)

Michael Owen scored an iconic goal against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup. The former English forward took a great solo run from the centre half and scored one of the best goals in England’s World Cup history. The goal was assisted by David Beckham who played a beautiful pass for the striker.

4. James Rodriguez: Colombia v Uruguay (2014)

James Rodriguez is a Colombian International who was at the peak of his career during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The player had several great performances in the club matches before going into the World Cup. His goal against Uruguay is said to be one of the best goals in Colombian footballing history.

The Fans and the entire footballing world paused for a moment to appreciate the goal from the volley 30 yards away from the post. He controlled the ball in the chest and took the shot right away before the ball landed on the ground.

3. Benjamin Pavard: France v Argentina (2018)

Benjamin Pavard is a France International football player who currently plays as a right-back for the German club Bayern Munich. He was a key player for the Nation that won the World Cup in 2018.

When France faced Argentina in the Round of 16 matches in the 2018 World Cup, Pavard scored an extraordinary goal from outside the foot which curled in the far corner. The goal won the Goal of the Tournament award.

2. Giovanni van Bronckhorst: Netherlands v Uruguay (2010)

Bronckhorst is a Netherlands former football player who played as a midfielder and scored one of the best goals in a crucial match in football. The jaw-dropping shot 35 yards away from the post resulted in a goal which no one could believe that he actually scored from there.

The player struck the ball with his left foot which went past the keeper’s diving effort and rightly landed in the top right corner to make it one of the goals that would exist till football exists.

1. Diego Maradona: Argentina v England (1986)

Diego Maradona is one of the legends of football. He is an Argentinian and scored the goal called “Hand Of the God” in the match against England. The goal was controversial and he went on to score another goal in the same match, helping his team to the World Cup trophy.

The player received a pass from his own half and dribbled many players and took a solo run to the opponent’s goal and went on to score the solo goal even dribbling past the opponent’s goalkeeper. This goal is unsurprisingly the best goal in World Cup history.