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Top 10 Hottest Football WAGs 2022


Some football WAGs are famous for their fashion sense and style, and here you’ll learn about the top 10 hottest football WAGs. 

10. Rebecca Halliday

Rebecca Halliday (Credit: Instagram)

Rebecca Halliday is an Instagram model and professional fitness trainer living in Manchester, England. She is also Jesse Lingard‘s ex-girlfriend. Their adventure began in Manchester, a magnificent city. Even though they didn’t remain together as partners, a lovely kid connects their souls.

9. Sara Arfaoui

Sara Arfaoui (Credit: Instagram)

Sara and Gundogan began dating in the spring of 2021. By profession, the Italian beauty is a model. We don’t know where they met or how their romance began. The pair have opted to keep their relationship private. Sara was the first to say something. She shared an Instagram photo with Gundogan in August of last year. Afterwards, the Manchester City player followed suit, posting a selfie on her own Instagram account.

8. Genoveffa Darone

Genoveffa Darone (Credit:

When Genoveffa first met Lorenzo, he was still on loan at Pescara. It didn’t take long for the two to realise that they have a deep bond and that being together makes them extremely happy. After only seven months of dating, Lorenzo proposed to his life partner, and the two married in 2012. Many close friends and family members attended the lavish wedding. The two have stayed inseparable since that time. They’ve seen many highs and lows in life, yet their love remains pure after all these years.

7. Leonita Lekaj

Leonita Lekaj (Credit: Instagram)

Leonita Lekaj is a well-known model that works in the fashion industry. Her fame skyrocketed once her connection with Granit Xhaka became public knowledge. Granit Xhaka met his wife Leonita while playing for Borussia Mönchengladbach in Germany. The couple initially met in 2015 and have been dating since. In 2017, Xhaka stated that he had proposed to the love of his life, and she had accepted. On July 6 of that year, he married Leonita. The magnificent wedding ceremony drew a large number of celebrity guests.

6. Sandra Jerze

Sandra Jerze (Credit:

Sandra Jerze is well-known for being Serge Gnabry’s ex-girlfriend at Bayern Munich. Sandra Jerze began her modelling career at an early age and came to recognition thanks to her unique skill set. In the year 2020, she began dating Serge Gnabry. Things started to deteriorate in January 2021 when Sandra informed Gnabry that she was expecting a child. However, the German star was unsure if the youngster was his. Finally, the cops had to remove Sandra from Gnabry’s home forcibly. Since then, they’ve remained apart.

5. Nagore Aranburu

Nagore Aranburu (Credit:

Nagore Aranburu is a wealthy businesswoman known for being Xabi Alonso’s wife. Nagore has had a lot of professional success. However, the start was not as glamorous as it appears now. She had to battle for her career despite being the wife of a superstar like Xabi Alonso. She is not the type of lady who accepts “no”.

4. Larissa Saad

Larissa Saad (Credit: Instagram)

Larissa Saad is best known as the wife of Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Lucas Moura. Larissa is from a wealthy Brazilian family. She moved to England after finishing her business education. Lucas Moura was introduced to her through a mutual acquaintance. Although they had only been casual acquaintances for several years, they recognised they had something in common. Finally, they were set up by Moura’s lawyer, Thiago Nicacio, a familiar acquaintance. They realised they were thinking the same things. After that, they began dating and continued to meet for a year. Finally, in 2016, they decided to make it official and married.

3. Rafaella Szabo Witsel

Rafaella Szabo Witsel (Credit: Instagram)

Rafaella Szabo Witsel is a photographer who is most known for being Axel Witsel’s wife. Rafaella is a successful photographer, a strong supporter of her husband, and a loving mother of three lovely children. Rafaella Witsel and Axel Witsel met in 2008 while still in college. Their love tale quickly became a hit. They enjoyed one other’s company and travelled across the world together. 

2. Sofia Weber

Sofia Weber (Credit: Instagram)

Sofia Weber is Kai Havertz’s gorgeous girlfriend. Before going into a live-in relationship, the couple had known one other for a long time. Sofia has been a staunch supporter of her spouse and has demonstrated a solid dedication to the marriage. They are presently residing in London together.

1. Nathalia Felix

Nathalia Felix (Credit: Instagram)

Kai Havertz’s girlfriend, Sofia Weber, is a lovely woman. Before deciding to live together, the couple had known one other for quite some time. Sofia has been a staunch supporter of her husband and has demonstrated a solid dedication to their marriage. They now share a flat in London.

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