Top 10 Greatest Champions League goals of all time

Champions League football has given the fans some of the most amazing moments in football history, and here we learn about the top 10 greatest Champions League goals of all time.  

Introduced in 1955, the competition was primarily known as ‘Coupe des Clubs Champions Européens’ (French for European Champion Clubs’ Cup) and was contested by only the champions of Europe’s domestic leagues. In 1991, a round-robin format was started, and the following year the name of the tournament was changed to ‘Champions League.

The competition was expanded from the 1997–to 1998 season, allowing several European teams. Since then, it has been the highest level of club football in Europe and probably globally. In this article, we will find out the top 10 goals ever scored in the competition. So, without further ado, let’s get started!                        

10. Mauro Bressan, FIORENTINA 3-3 Barcelona, 1999/00

Even though many modern-day fans might not remember the Fiorentina midfielder Mauro Bressan’s playing style, his wonder goal against Barcelona in the 1999 Champions League group phase will remain immortal. 

At 14 minutes on the clock, Mauro Bressan attempted and completed a bicycle kick from outside the box that defeated Barcelona goalkeeper Francesc Arnau. After making a comeback, the Catalan team ended the match with a 3-3 scoreline.

But Bressan’s audacity to take the shot against a European giant will always be remembered as one of the greatest moments. Mauro Bressan’s goal is 10th in the top 10 greatest Champions League goals of all time.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo, Porto 0-1 MAN UNITED, 2008/09

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo settled in the forward zones, especially in the opponent penalty box and closer areas after his move to Real Madrid, he used to take breathtaking shots from distances when at Manchester United. 

The Portuguese amazed the world by scoring a long-range shot from 39.6 yards away from the opponent’s goal post against Porto. Even though it’s difficult to point to any particular goal from Ronaldo’s career as his best, this might be up at the top shelf. With the help of this kick, the Red Devils won the Quarter Final second leg and advanced by the aggregate of 2-3. Mauro Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal is 9th in the top 10 greatest Champions League goals of all time.    

8. Divock Origi, LIVERPOOL 4-0 Barcelona, 2019/20

Divock Origi probably became the most clutch player in Liverpool’s history after scoring this goal. Trailing 3-0 in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final, the Reds completed the comeback through Origi’s incredible kick. 

Even though the goal might look nothing spectacular all alone, the context of the game makes it massive. It was a quick corner taken by Trent Alexander-Arnold, and at the end of it was Origi, whose presence of mind stunned the world. Through that goal, Liverpool advanced to the final, where they won their sixth title. Divock Origi’s goal is 8th in the top 10 greatest Champions League goals of all time.      

7. Lionel Messi, BARCELONA 3-0 Bayern, 2014/15

Lionel Messi might have scored many goals in his career, but this one is one of his best. Playing Bayern Munich at home, Messi scored the audacious goal in the 77th minute chipping Manuel Nueur with his weaker foot after making Jerome Boateng fall on the ground through fantastic dribbling. With the help of this goal, Barcelona secured a 3-0 victory against the German giants in the 2014/15 Champions League semi-finals. Lionel Messi’s goal is 7th in the top 10 greatest Champions League goals of all time.            

6. Mario Mandzukic, JUVENTUS 1-4 Real Madrid, 2015/16

Even though Juventus lost the match against Real Madrid that season, Mario Mandzukic’s heroics will always be remembered as one of the greatest moments. After a sensational team move, Mandzukic found himself with the ball in the penalty box facing the opposite direction from the face of the goal.

He controlled the ball and initiated a bicycle kick which defeated Keylor Navas. The equalizer in the 26th minute gave the Italian team a fighting chance. Mario Mandzukic’s goal is 6th in the top 10 greatest Champions League goals of all time.

5. Dejan Stankovic, INTER 2-5 Schalke, 2010/11

Inter player Dejan Stankovic was known for his long-range shots, but nobody thought he could score this one. After Schalke goalkeeper Manuel Neuer cleared the ball, it found its way to Stankovic, standing around the halfway line. Without any hesitation, the Inter star took a half-volley shot which went in goal. Dejan Stankovic’s goal is 5th in the top 10 greatest Champions League goals of all time.   

4. Lionel Messi, Real Madrid 0-3 BARCELONA, 2010/11

Lionel Messi is famous for solo goals, but none of his solo goals had the charisma like this one. Messi took the ball from Busquets, probably 39 yards away from the goal. There were no passing options for him up front, but 4 Real defenders were standing in total concentration. ‘La Pulga’ dribbled past all of them and chipped it past Iker Casillas, who was still trying to figure out how this happened.

Barcelona were already ahead by two goals in the Champions League semi-final first leg vs Real Madrid. But Lionel Messi decided to humiliate the complete Los Blancos’ defence and put them in misery through this goal. Lionel Messi’s goal is 4th in the top 10 greatest Champions League goals of all time.      

3. Gareth Bale, Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool, 2017/18

Gareth Bale might have lost his connection with the Real Madrid supporters, but he gifted them a beautiful goal that has earned its place in the history books. After Los Blancos’ full-back Marcelo Vieira crossed the ball into the opponents’ penalty box, Bale didn’t hesitate to take a bicycle kick, beating Loris Karius.

The Madrid-based team were already leading 2-1, but this goal made the Champions League final win inevitable. Gareth Bale’s goal is 3rd in the top 10 greatest Champions League goals of all time.                   

2. Zinedine Zidane, Bayer Leverkusen 1-2 REAL MADRID, 2001/02

Considered one of the greatest of all time, Zinedine Zidane scored probably the best looking goal in his career in the Champions League final against Bayer Leverkusen.

After Roberto Carlos’ looping cross found its way to Zidane, he hammered it through a volley in the opponent’s nets. This winning goal won Real Madrid their 9th European Cup. Zinedine Zidane’s goal is 2nd in the top 10 greatest Champions League goals of all time.            

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus 0-3 Real Madrid 2017/2018

This goal obliged the Juventus supporters to stand and applaud Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Even though the Portuguese scored the night’s opening goal, his second one made history in the Allianz stadium. In the 63rd minute, Lucas Vázquez crossed the ball into the penalty area, which was too crowded with Juve shirts.

Ronaldo could have received the ball, but turning and shooting were complex because two defenders were close to him. So he decided to attempt a bicycle kick and struck it so beautifully that Gianluigi Buffon didn’t even get a chance.

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The goal helped Real win the quarter-final, which was a big step for them on their path to UCL triumph that year. Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal is 1st in the top 10 greatest Champions League goals of all time.

Written by Surajit Das

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