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Top 10 2021 Football Transfers

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The football transfer window is one of the most anticipated periods in the football season, as it sees who will make the cut for their favourite teams. There’s no denying that heavy money is spent by the top clubs to secure the top players, with the highest transfer cost on the record being for Jack Grealish heading to Manchester City for an eye-watering £100m. With this in mind, we will guide you through the top 10 football transfers of 2021.

Juventus to Manchester United

Although not the costliest transfer that will be on this list, it’s certainly one of the most talked about. Red Devil hero Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Old Trafford after being away for 12 years. In his time away, he played for Real Madrid, which saw transfer cost records break at the time. Also, he has spent time playing for Juventus and has still managed to make waves for himself. Surprisingly, this superstar deal has cost Manchester United barely anything in football terms, with the total cost being around £20m. The reason for such a low cost is that Juventus simply couldn’t afford to pay his wages, so they needed to load him onto a more financially stable team.

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FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain

Lionel Messi is one of the most talked-about football stars at the moment, and he has had a beautiful time at FC Barcelona. To begin with, the football world was expecting that Messi would remain aligned with Barcelona. Astonishingly, this footballer walked into the open arms of Paris Saint-Germain for absolutely zero cost. Unfortunately, Barcelona could no longer keep up with the financial demands for holding such a highly esteemed player. Hopefully, with the addition of Messi, PSG can launch their star-studded team into the top Champion League spot.

Inter Milan to Chelsea

Chelsea has seen many changes over the last couple of years, with manager Frank Lampard leaving room for Thomas Tuchel to take the reins. On the transfer side of things, they’ve taken on Timo Werner in 2020, and in 2021 they claimed Romelu Lukaku. This Belgian footballer has scored many goals in Italy and has seen an increase in maturity as a player since his last stretch on English soil. With this signing, Chelsea is looking to have themselves a win at the Premier League.

Aston Villa to Manchester City

When Jack Grealish joined Aston Villa, he put out his hand and helped bring them out of the darkness. However, the time has come for Grealish to leave Villa, after signing on to join the ranks at Manchester City. Not surprisingly, Grealish has created a reputation for himself as one of the greatest English strikers, which makes City a force to be reckoned with. The question is, will Villa be able to cling onto their higher position within the league, or will they see a steady backslide into the darkness?

Real Madrid to Manchester United

Manchester United was at it again, with Raphael Varane heading to Old Trafford. After playing for Madrid since 2011, this will be a change of pace and climate. During this time, he helped Madrid win the Champions League four times. As a centre-back, Varane is revered within the football world and will make a stellar addition to the Red Devils.

Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United

The Red Devils strike again, managing to secure Jadon Sancho after failing in the previous season. Good things certainly come to those who wait, as Manchester United secured him for less than the initial asking price. At just 21 years old, this City-made star has scored an impressive 38 goals at Dortmund, spread over more than 100 appearances. These figures will have the Manchester United fan base mounting the pressure onto his young shoulders.

Lyon to FC Barcelona

Despite losing the great Messi, they did manage to secure Memphis Depay for free. Back in 2015, Depay had a rocky start two years with Manchester United, which saw him scoring 33 appearances. Then, after securing a transfer to Lyon, he made an incredible comeback across 139 appearances. Within his time at Lyon, he managed to lead them into the semi-finals back in 2019. Now, Depay is one of the most revered forwards, and Madrid has snapped him up for free – what a bargain.

Bayern Munich to Real Madrid

This transfer season has seen an impressive number of free transfers, with Madrid finally managing to pull David Alba from Munich. This move comes at a vital time for Real Madrid, considering they’ve just lost their star centre-backs. With Alba’s move into the Madrid defensive position, it is hoped that he will help balance the scales. Alongside his talent, it is hoped that he will bring on youngsters, including Eder Militao.

Real Madrid to Paris Saint-Germain

PSG gained another superstar in the shape of Sergio Ramos, who made a surprising move from Real Madrid. Again, this transfer came completely free. After being with Madrid for 16 years, it’s time for this 4x Champions League winner to join the PSG superstars. Alongside an incredible defensive position, it is hoped that his leading experience as the Los Blancos captain will help PSG reach their Champions League winning target.

Rennes to Real Madrid

At only 18 years of age, Eduardo Camavinga is making some serious waves in the football world. This player was secured by Madrid for around £26m, which is impressive considering his age. The plan for Madrid is that Camavigna can help breathe fresh air into the midfield position.

The transfer window is a highly anticipated event in the football calendar, and a lot of money is spent on securing top players. Surprisingly, this season has been full of bargain transfers and freebies are thrown in here and there for extra measure.