Title Dream? Can Leicester City Beat Arsenal And City To The Title?

Can Leicester City Do The Impossible?

In a world full of commercialism and money minded personalities, it’s tough to imagine a club such as Leicester City make as big and prominent waves as they are. Of course, they show glimpses of brilliance every week and no matter who they beat, we are compelled into bowing down with respect and more than that- admiration. It sometimes defies logic, leaving us rattled, especially when we peak at the top of the table expecting one of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United or City to top it. But as they- what goes up, must come down, you never know when Leicester can falter and quit the top four spots. And a question that pops up certainly and instantly is- can Leicester really defy the odds and accomplish the You Know What?


Although it’s very good to see that something like this, something that goes against the top six tradition of England achieve admirable things and garner positive applauds. And we’re nearly half way through the 2015-16 Premier League season and when we find Leicester there, it does raise eyebrows.

As a busy Christmas period approaches and when players plying their trade outside of England enjoy their Christmas, watching Premier League players toil, there’s always a possibility of show stopping and surprise packages to falter. Such is the frequency of games being played that injuries and tiredness creep in, leaving teams exhausted and taking a toll on their on-pitch performances.

Last season, Southampton earned the tag of being high flyers and around Christmas, their run was beginning to come to a halt as they began to lose steam. Ronald Koeman was forced into slotting in players such as Jake Hesketh, Harry Reed and Matt Targett into the side due to injuries that their first team players were being forced to deal with. There was a clear lack of squad depth, much like any other surprise package and as soon as their first choice rock stars began suffering from debilitation, their performances took a slight dent.

Leicester have been brilliant this season, it’s regardless to say and their high tempo, high energy playing style is lovely to watch. Jamie Vardy works tirelessly hard up the pitch, nicking balls in dangerous areas and making runs in behind without the defenders knowing anything about it. The flair and panache of Riyad Mahrez reminds us of Angel di Maria and his pace, trickery and technique have aided the Foxes a lot. The likes of Marc Albrighton and N’Golo Kante have been just as influential, doing their job silently and efficiently.

But, the point is- it may be a collective effort but due to the brilliance of 2 or 3 players, the others up their performances too. And if they end up getting injured and lose fitness, the lack of squad depth would eat them up, much like in Southampton’s case. They’ve got individual brilliance and teamwork, thanks to them, but this Christmas period would be an acid test Claudio Ranieri’s men.

More so, Leicester’s high tempo and high pressing style is something that drains a lot out of players, if they play thrice a week. And the Leicester players, as evident, commit themselves completely to every game, desiring to get all three points from them. And although, Ranieri’s playing style is an excellent one, but compromising with it during a rare title charge wouldn’t be advisable.

But, something that Leicester have an advantage over others is that they’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain. They’ve got to go out there and play their hearts out, without forgetting the consequences of exerting themselves too much. They must enjoy what they’re doing and play with freeness, much like how they are.

It’s unlikely for such a miracle to happen as Arsenal and City are still the favorites to lift the trophy end of this season, but Leicester are certainly in with a shout for the top four spots, alongside United, Spurs and Liverpool.

Written by Kaustubh Pandey

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