Three Reasons Why Jack Wilshere Will Ditch Bayern Rumors And Stay With Arsenal

After Pep Guardiola has agreed to take over Bayern Munich, a lot of top players have expressed their desire to join the German champions. There are a lot others who have been rumored with a move to Munich. One such player is Jack Wilshere, the England and Arsenal midfielder, in whom the club see their future. While there are no confirmations yet on such a proposed move, we take a look at the reasons as to why this may not be a very good decision for the player.

Wilshere to stay with Arsenal
Wilshere to stay with Arsenal

Unsettling- At 21 years of age, with more than a year of injury behind him, Wilshere may get unsettled if he decides to leave the club that he joined while he was nine. Arsenal have been like a rock to him and Wenger a father figure. The fans here adore him and see the next leader in him. It would be hard an both the fans and the club if he decides to suddenly leave all these and pack his bags. A move to any other club, whatever be the stature of that club, is way too soon for him. He has just started his career and needs a solid couple of seasons behind him before he can make any move.

Reduced gametime– In arsenal his name is supposedly the first in the team if he stays fit. The club depends on him big time and need him to be in top form for them. But in Bayern he will have to fight for his place with Bastian Schweinsteiger, Javi Martinez and Luis Gustavo. For a player who has not had too much experience behind him, it will be difficult for him to outshine these and make his cement his place in the team.

Transfer fee- It is quite but natural that Arsenal would not let go of their most talented youngster for a nominal fee and would call for a breathtaking amount. We have already seen what the pressure of big money moves does on young players who need to focus on their game and forget any sort of baggage that they carry. Thus it would be best for him to honour his contract, that he extended for five years very recently and stay at Arsenal for a long to come.

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