Three Areas of concern For Liverpool Before The Upcoming Season

Liverpool are doing all they can in their capacity to make up for the loss of Luis Suarez. This is a substantial blow and it will take astute planning to overcome the setback. But still the club management has brought in new players at different positions who can make the squad stronger and sustain the long season that they are going to have. But whatever measures they take, they are destined to have shortcomings going to the new season, especially when such a huge star has left the squad.

The supporters will be worried about these problems and would like their team to address them as early as possible before the season begins. We mention three such concerns on which Liverpool must work on very soon.

The striker problem

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez was not only a striker for the club. He was a creator, an architect and the heart and soul of the club. The Uruguayan was directly or indirectly involved in more than 50% of the goals last season. Now Liverpool are trying to compensate the goals cumulatively from the midfield and the forwards. But still they have to depend on only Daniel Sturridge as the only first team striker. Rickie Lambert has been signed by the club, but he is strictly a back up and can never be fielded in important matches.

The Whole Loic Remy saga and the medical mishap that prevented him from signing has left the Reds again without a striker with only the Englishman Sturridge as a pivotal man. If they are to excel this season, a striker is the call of the hour for Liverpool and Rodgers should start looking at options.

The elusive marquee signing

Luis Suarez was one of the biggest superstar of world football and a player who could change the dynamics of a football match. The thing with marquee players is that they not only improve the level of the game, but they are key to keep the fans happy and to increase the brand value of the club. After Suarez, the club has suffered a blow not only in the field, but also off it. The supporters are morose and the club’s overall image has decreased.  As such a big name would do wonders for the team and if rumours are anything to go by then Marco Reus can be a Liverpool player before the end of the transfer window. But still it is difficult for the club to attract the biggest stars and this can be an obstacle in the Reus transfer, something which finally hurt the club in more ways than one.

Defensive fragility

Last season Liverpool could not lift the trophy for the defensive errors that they made and it was a huge hole in the otherwise impressive Liverpool outfit. It was not that they had the best of defenders in the league, but manager Brendan Rodgers was also naive in this one department and could not grind out the results when necessary. This season Liverpool have purchased Lovern from Southampton and are on the verge of buying Monero and Manquillo from Spain. This is a relatively young set of defenders and some of them would be playing in the Premier League for the time, casting a doubt over their effectiveness in the first season. This will worry the team as of now and they have to wait and watch for the final outcome.



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