Thoughts On Hazard And The Ball Boy Incident

Ball Boys are put there to speed up play and keep the game running instead of players running behind to fetch the ball. But Instead, the Swansea ball-boy decides to let the ball roll past him, before lying on it. To then have it kicked out of his arms.

He then reacts as if he is been shot, Then sits back up, Gazes around and takes another lie down. What a waste. Take a look at the incident from this angle in the below GIF image,

eden hazard incident


From this image it pretty much looks like Hazard kicked the kid, ran over him and took the ball. Now have a close look of the incident in the video below.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]mPK8ijwu-84[/youtube]

On a closer look, it appears as though Hazard was actually going for the ball only. Now whatever the situation a team may be in, but does not give anyone a right to do this. what Hazard did was not an act of a professional footballer.

But are people and the media taking this way too far ? There are people out there calling for police investigation etc,. That’s way too far. May be a five match ban and a fine should be a perfect end for this.  As for Hazard, well, there goes his reputation.  

If there were to be a police investigation, it should be on the ball boy. He tweeted this before the game

ball boy tweets

Due to all the Re-tweeting over his comments, the lad has got more than 80,000 followers on a single day. This is a small incident and both Hazard and Chelsea fans should move on.

Some of the comments about the incident.

Hazard –  “The boy put his whole body on to the ball and I was just trying to kick the ball. I think I kicked the ball and not the boy. I apologise.”

Rafa Benitez – “They both recognise there was a mistake. The boy was apologising for time wasting. Hazard was frustrated and tried to get the ball. He was kicking the ball and getting the ball. We can analyse if for half an hour but we know that both are wrong. We will deal with it internally, that’s all I can say.”

Swansea manager Michael Laudrup – “I think he [Hazard] will regret it when he sees it. The ball boy should have let it go but he was pushed first and then he kicks him. I understand as a player when you are behind and you are under pressure you sometimes say or do things you shouldn’t but there are some things you cannot do.”

Quotes Via BBC

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