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This Tottenham Superstar Should Lead England In World Cup 2018 And Not Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson – Agreed?

Harry Kane of Tottenham
Harry Kane

Why Harry Kane Should Be The England National Team Captain And Not Jordan Henderson

The whole debate as to who should be made the English Football Team’s permanent captain has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. It is high-time for England to settle the issue with a unanimously preferred choice. Well, that is certainly a statement that did not cross Gareth Southgate’s mind at the helm of affairs.

Therefore, the basis of Gareth Southgate naming Jordan Henderson as England’s captain for the second match running is being questioned when Harry Kane clearly deserves those honours, leaving the matter under scrutiny.

The international break drew to a close with England defeating Slovakia 2-1 in the WC Qualifiers First Round, before they are scheduled to play Slovenia in the first week of October.

The manager still hasn’t named a permanent captain even though the favourite to be wearing the slick arm band is Harry Kane. It looks like Southgate is leaning towards Henderson to lead the team into World Cup 2018.

Without any doubts, Henderson obviously is in contention as he marshals the midfield and assembles his teammates through unremitting verbal communication. Also, he is someone dependable, who knows how to orchestrate attacks and fall back in defensive situations.

Jordan Henderson

The dynamic 27 year-old seems to be a decent leader for Liverpool as well, especially off the field, where he discusses and troubleshoots when required. Henderson is a solid character but he’s not a game breaker in an English side that is presently oozing with bundles of quality.

Why Should Harry Kane Be England’s Captain?

  • Harry Kane is a match-winner of top quality.
  • He offers leadership qualities that most strikers cannot.
  • His natural tendency to score goals is matched only by getting out the best from his teammates.
  • He leads by example as he never skips an international fixture. Kane has scored five goals in his last three England matches, which have been instrumental in winning the games.
  • He has been the focal point of all of England’s most threatening attacks.
  • He has a knack for scoring injury-time goals and leads both on and off the pitch, proving that he is a born leader, a quintessential captain, who is loyal to his club as well.
  • He has scored 10 goals in 20 England caps, making an impressive start to his international football career.
  • He is England’s best player who deserves to be the captain as a reward in kind.

Here is what the popular opinion about Harry Kane is:

According to former Manchester United and Real Madrid striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy, the England forward is a great player and a fine leader. He lauds the Tottenham star for his goalscoring and leadership.

In an interview with the Mirror, the Dutchman said,

“He is a true No.9 – a strong and forceful centre-forward who is always a reference point during the build-up play. Nothing seems to faze Harry Kane. He takes everything in his stride. I hear he is very popular with the other players and I WOULDN’T HESITATE TO MAKE HIM CAPTAIN.”

His attitude is forward-thinking and he is passionately positive. It is something the three lions need at the top of their priority-list.

Check Out This Tweet That Shows Harry Kane’s Intent To Win Games For England:

I genuinely believe Harry Kane should be made the England Captain for the big event next summer as he is the next big guy to carry the Nation’s hopes on his shoulders.

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