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Well Done Dyche – Why The Burnley Manager Deserves More Credit For The Way He Has Managed The Clarets Over The Years

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Sean Dyche

Gone Under The Radar! – Sean Dyche Deserves More Credit For The Way He Has Improved Burnley

To see Burnley in the Premier League’s top-6 after 7 games is shocking, to say the least. While most people were praising Rafa Benitez for his work at Newcastle or Marco Silva for his impact on Watford, Sean Dyche’s remarkable improvement of Burnley somehow got lost in the mix. The fact that they are where they are is truly commendable, even more so when one considers the fixtures Dyche’s men have had so far.

Burnley have been relegated and promoted several times over the last few years. This topsy-turvy loop of promotion and relegation can affect a team but as of now, it only seems like they are determined to establish themselves as a top-tier club.

Not just in the current season, even in the past, Dyche has shown an admirable sense of loyalty when it comes to assembling a team. The 2014/15 season was the club’s first season back in the big-time for five years. That should’ve presented a chance for the manager to splash a lot of money on transfers to deal with top clubs. However, that’s not what Dyche did. Instead, he spent practically nothing and kept faith in his Championship squad.

Granted, they faltered badly that season but a tight-knit dressing room is one of the biggest priorities for Dyche. The club went on to purchase Danny Ings, and after a year, found themselves back in the Premier League, this time as championship winners. Dyche did spend a little in the 2016 season, but their away form continued to be weak.

Last season, just 7 of the teams’ 40 points in the league were claimed away from home. It could have been a lot easier for Dyche to just stick to the narrative of making Turf Moor an impregnable fortress. Much to everyone’s surprise though, the total points claimed away from home last season has already been surpassed by Burnley this season, despite being just 7 games into the season. That statistic throws a lot of light on their improvement, since their away games have been against powerhouse sides like Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester United and Everton.

In fact, their opening day win against Chelsea was delightful to watch but they were being written off as a one-hit wonder even before they played their second game. From then on, there’s simply been no stopping them.

Much of this also depends on Dyche’s ability of nurturing talents. When Michael Keane departed in the summer, many wondered as to who would fill the void. Instead of using that cash to purchase a player, Dyche turned to James Tarkowski. The player has certainly lived up to the manager’s expectations, and was even awarded a man-of-the-match last time out.

More often than not, when big teams play relatively smaller clubs in the Premier League, they are almost always sure of a victory. Burnley, however, have proven that they are more than just unpredictable – they are strong and determined. It certainly helps when you have a manager like Dyche, who is so invested in building trust and confidence among his players.

His astute business in the transfer window also plays a role, since every move of his was calculated and careful. Dyche never brings in a player that doesn’t fit Burnley’s style of play, and regardless of how they finish the season, he will continue to strive to take the club to greater heights.