This Is So Embarrassing! Arsenal Defender Drops PR boo-boo On Twitter

It is a well known fact that footballers surely do not run their own Twitter accounts, well not most of the times as they have a lot more on their mind than just some Tweets. However, it is far too important that they employ the right set of people to do it for them and things are handled properly, as improper posting can land them at trouble at times. Definitely on the morning of an important game, it would perfectly make sense for a footballer’s team to do his PR building tweeting for him.

It would be clearly expected to see posts like ‘Come on – let’s do this’ and other motivational messages ahead of matches, to show how much the player cares. The messages would also be made trying to please the sponsors as well, at least that is what the intention is.

However, one thing that is surely not part of the plan is tweeting the wrong thing for the wrong footballer.

Well, so is the unfortunate case of the person who manages the Twitter account of Arsenal’s Gabriel Paulista and also obviously for Fabio da Silva of Cardiff City.

Gabriel’s account yesterday tweeted:

Along with it, came a photograph of Da Silva looking ready in his kit, which seemed quite funny to say the least and the Brazilian would have been embarrassed, though it did not reflect at all in his performance against Newcastle.

Written by Nitish Bhan

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