This Bayern Star Or This World Cup Winner? Who Would Be Perfect For Manchester United’s Defence?

The season has come to an end, while the players head off to sunny beaches to recharge and rejuvenate their bodies, well at least the non-South American ones do, their managers and boards are all out whipping up plans to find the next jewel or that missing link in their team which can make them play like last season’s Liverpool and not this season’s.

Every club will be out there looking to get some great bargains or fix some leaks and Manchester United would certainly be in the market to fine tune their defence. They have been in the market for upgrades to their central defenders, Smalling, Jones and Evans. Manchester United have been linked with a couple of Bundesliga defenders, most notably Dante from Bayern Munich and Mats Hummels from Borussia Dortmund, while both defenders are great in their own regards, United need to get one of them and that would cost a lot of money. We check out just which defender would fit United more as we compare the two central defenders.

Its Brazil vs. Germany, again

Mats Hummels

Dante and Hummels have both had pretty contrasting season’s, while the Brazilian centre back has been in fantastic for a rather well drilled Bayern Munich team, Hummels hasn’t had the best of season’s with Dortmund who were faltering their way in the league and somehow managed to finish in the top half of the table.

If individual stats are seen, it is Hummels who clearly triumphs over Dante in almost every aspect out there. The German international wins over twice the number of tackles as compared to Dante per game. Using Squawka, stats we can also see that Hummels has won 5.83 aerial duels per game compared to just 3.19 for Dante.

Even in the interceptions column, it is Hummels who provides a better option with 2.17 interceptions compared to 1.85 for Dante. The German does a lot of clearings and blocks as well since he averages 0.54 blocks a game to the 0.33 blocks done by Dante. This just goes to show that Hummels is a better defender and has the ability to stop shots on his own, he is also better in the air and that is something which will help him immensely if he is to shift to the Premier League.

Hummels might be the more expensive defender, but he will bring in a lot of stability to the back line. He has great leadership skills and is one of the most coveted defenders in the league. He also can chip in with a goal or two thus making him an ideal choice for Manchester United but would he be willing to make the move across? Unlikely for now but you never can guess anything in football.

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