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This Advert Will Change The Way You See Dutch Football

Dutch football is not as flashy as the Premier league and the La Liga nor does it have star attractions like their European counterparts. It is easy to see why it does not receive much interest from foreigners. But people who know and follow football closely, will surely know about the beauty that is “Dutch football”.

The inventors of the total football have certainly created many stars over the years and Ajax hold the major credit for the brand of football.

Feyenoord are Ajax’s fiercest rivals, the two clubs form the integral part of the Eredivisie league with 43 titles amongst them. Ajax vs Feyenoord rivalry is more than a footballing clash, it is a clash between Rotterdam and Amsterdam two major cities in Netherlands. A clash between the working class and the industrialists.

People outside Holland always overlooked the passion and class of the Eredivisie league. That is sure to change after this video. What says an intense game like slow motion video paired with fast paced violin.

 [youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]DwwPjELB3Hw[/youtube]