Think About It – Why Manchester United Should Not Sign This French Speedster

It is never a good thing to be desperate for something. Whether it is for an object, a feeling or just a simple craving. Well, some people never learn and similar is the case of new Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho, who is still looking desperate to sign France international Paul Pogba from Juventus. The Portuguese manager who was sacked by Chelsea and recently signed a deal with the Red Devils, is still not ready to give up on his midfield target. Funny!!

Since taking over at Old Trafford, Mourinho has once again reignited his chase for the former United man and will try to sign him this summer.

Whether the deal goes through or not, remains to be seen though Matteo Darmian could be offered in exchange now, as per reports. The 23 year old superstar is said to be priced at £78m, which is a huge amount for any star, though there is no denying that Pogba has earned it.

However, the doubt that arises is that, whether he will worth the money or not. The Juve star was a young talent under Sir Alex Ferguson, though he failed to impress the Scot back then and was not provided enough opportunities to showcase his talented in England.

Since his move to Italy, he has surely grown as a player and is now a world-class midfielder. Despite that, there are doubts whether he will be able to perform at the same level in the Premier League, as he had once already failed to adjust to it’s pace and style previously.

Also, the fee for signing him is just too much. United are in need of more attacking options, meaning proper strikers and goal scorers. An amount of this magnitude could be used to sing at least three to four players who could completely shape the reason for the Manchester based side.

It will further be interesting to see whether the Frenchman can maintain his fitness levels through the Euro 2016 tournament and beyond, as there is a lot of pressure on the stars to perform. It will be risky to sign him at present, as over exertion and a possible burnout might also simply ruin any plans that the ex Real Madrid and Porto boss makes keeping him in mind.

Mourinho does have a variety of options to add to his current squad using the money that he has in hand and his team will not be taking part in the Champions League as well. Playing in the Europa League for a longer spell of time will be a challenge for United as well.

For that purpose, it will be more advisable to add two or more quality stars using the same amount of money, than spend it all on one player, who might not even want to rejoin United at present and make a “Di Maria” out of himself!!

Written by Nitish Bhan

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