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#ThingsDeGeaCanSave: Here Are Some Of The Best Tweets In Praise Of United’s Modern-Day Legend

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#ThingsDeGeaCanSave – Is David De Gea On The Verge Of Sealing The Status Of A Modern-Day Legend For Manchester United?

Over the years at Manchester United, one player has stood out and been a rock for the club through the good times and the bad and that is David De Gea. Sir Alex Ferguson is an iconic figure for the Red Devils and has done a lot for the club but the fans will forever be grateful to him for bringing the Spanish goalkeeper to Old Trafford. When he first joined the club though, the fans took time to get used to the tall, lanky keeper. However, once the United faithful got a taste of his raw skill and power, they all fell in love.

That love affair continues even today. During every window, he gets linked with moves to join several clubs but every time he chooses to stay back instead, United fans worldwide heave sighs of relief. After all, where else will they find a replacement for their beloved ‘flying Spaniard’?

To be fair, the Red Devils have a strong backup option in Sergio Romero but when it comes to De Gea, it is safe to say that no other goalkeeper in the Premier League makes as much of an impact in their games.

Manuel Neuer is considered as one of the best goalkeeping talents in the world right now but there’s always a loyal set of passionate fans who believe De Gea is more deserving of that honour. And after watching the way he saved shot after shot in the colossal clash against Arsenal, it may not be tough to see why. The likes of Alexandre Lacazette, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez looked dumbfounded and frustrated as De Gea kept their best efforts at bay.

In fact, it was after that match that the hashtag #thingsdegeacansave started trending worldwide on Twitter. De Gea has achieved the status of a modern-day legend at Old Trafford and rightfully so. Take a look at some of the best tweets using that hashtag.




De Gea never disappoints and the fans seem to be loving him. After a brilliant show against Arsenal, the Spaniard will have to harness a similar power to offset the threat posed by Manchester City’s famed attackers. Pep Guardiola’s men may have succumbed to a loss in the Champions League but their unbeaten run is stronger than ever in the Premier League.

It will be a tough game for Manchester United and even more so for De Gea to cope with the thundering power of players like Leroy Sane, Raheem Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus. That said, the fans trust De Gea to save them from trouble and he will undoubtedly be a deciding factor in the match. #DaveSaves