What Would Have Happened If Manchester United Had Kept This Scottish Tactician

First of All, a very happy birthday to the ex-Manchester United manager David Moyes. 22 April 2014 was the date when Manchester United ended the regime of David Moyes as their manager. Well, for the sake of the club, it had to be done. Just a season back before his appointment, United won the premier league title and Moyes had the exact same squad the following season and he messed it up. The primitive reason would be the pressure; the pressure of being the manager of the one of the biggest clubs in Europe with the nature of winning the titles on a regular basis.

United surely had the worst season under the Scottish tactician but, he was the ‘Chosen One’, chosen by the greatest manager of all. Maybe he could have retained his job if Ed Woodward had held his nerves. After just 10 months in charge, he was sacked and then came the Dutchman Louis van Gaal who had the confidence to bring back the glorious days. But talking fairly, United became even worst to watch; a great number of back passes, slow attacking momentum, possession-possession and possession.

Jumping on to the recent stage, ‘Boring Game’ is the only term to sum up United’s 2015-16 season. I’m not backing Moyes as he could never have been the one to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson but, he did had his own strengths and here, we will look at some points and will discuss the things that would have been different if Manchester United had kept David Moyes-


United would still be the same-

Louis van Gaal completely transformed Manchester United and let go of many senior players like Van Persie, Nani, Welbeck, Chicharito and Fletcher. He brought many players into the squad but still failed to impress the fans. David Moyes, on the other hand, was never a great fan of transfers. Yes, some ins and outs were necessary but I guess, Moyes must have kept Nani, Chicharito, Welbeck, Cleverly and Johnny Evans.

Nani, Welbeck, Kagawa and Chicharito could have nurtured under Moyes and I’m pretty sure that their productivity would have helped the team in future. United fans would have loved to see these stars and their artistry more often.

There are a just handful of players left in the squad namely Rooney, Smalling, Jones and De Gea that actually know the United’s way. We all thought United would go for glory as the new players came; nothing of that happened and the fans are now hoping to see a miracle next season.


United wouldn’t have wasted millions-

Van Gaal brought a huge transformation in the squad and millions were spent. Some players were even overrated. Angel Di Maria was brought into the squad which gave United fans a huge lift. He started the season well but his form dipped and eventually the club’s most expensive player left the club in just one season. It was a £16 million loss on Angel Di Maria, on the other hand, Darmian’s Herrera’s and Rojo’s transfer fee is yet to be justified.

Moyes had a great skill in dealing with transfers. Yes, he would have invested the money but looking at his transfer and his transfer targets, I’d say he could have done better than van Gaal. He bought Juan Mata who is one of the best player United have this season, Ok! Fellaini was a flop but he near brought Seamus Coleman who could have done well in United’s t-shirt.

Ander Herrera was one of his targets and he could have got him in a nice bargain. Even though Herrera is in the squad, I personally feel that his skills and his abilities are decaying under the Dutch manager. But as mentioned above, he was very specific in his buys and that was one of the reasons, United (maybe) never have signed Anthony Martial under David Moyes as he would never have paid that much of amount for the teenager.

Rooney Would have been the One-

Wayne Rooney was given the captain’s armband when Moyes was in charge. Though United had the worst season, Rooney was one of the consistent performers alongside David De Gea. There are many doubters this season who believes that he should not be in the England’s squad. But, for me, he is a complete player. A striker who can defend well and a midfielder who can strike well.

He is hit by some rough injuries this season and was the prime reason for his downfall this season. Moyes would have used Rooney in a different manner and through which, he would have become ‘The One’ for the squad and the fans.

Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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