Things Learnt From Arsenal Vs Coventry

Arshavin: Man of The Match by a mile! great passing throughout the game, great turns, ran like a 25 years old man, great through balls, 3 Assists, 1 Goal. (VERDICT: When playing in the Right Position.. he can be unplayable.. and he will be a Good SUB for Cazorla)

Man Of the Match performance from the Russian

Walcott: Good Game, first goal was a typical Theo Walcott goal, from his favourite angle and run of play. Second Goal was a Thierry Henry number 14 goal, it got me shocked and raised my eyebrow, Well Done!! Impressed with his calmness to slide the ball on the far post with a spin of spin. The run was intelligent for once. (VERDICT: Just shot himself in the foot unfortunately for him, First Goal shows he is better at where he’s been all these years, not as a Center Forward. Let him play a couple of Carling Cup Games, and switch sides during the game, see where it goes).

A.O.Chamberlaine: n#15 is higher, is more, is bigger than n#14. That Goal, is hard to find in our team, the other attempts is what our team has been needing for the past so many years, instead of the pass pass pass & pass some more philosophy.

NEYMAR LOOKING KIDS: Angha, Gnabry!!.. and Yennaris the mascott, Mikel kissing the badge.. is the reason why i support Arsenal. When Podolski, Gervinho, Giroud, Cazorla, Vermaleon.. all leave and get old.. (VERDICT: These will be the guys i’ll be spending my money on. AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES. Well Done).

Djourou: After so many years in the club, one can say he is a waste of academy money, let me not be fake about it, Djourou is STILL making Junior League mistakes. Bad timing of his defensive runs, doesn’t know when to start sprinting, nor when to jog. Doesn’t know how to keep us with run of play, still Looks Lost in 2012. (VERDICT: “”Best 4th Choice Defender in the League””).

Well Worth the Wait for Giroud

Giroud: Good and Intelligent PASSING, Good Goal.. A’La French! Well taken Penalty, good save from the keeper as rather bad kick. (VERDICT: Took 7 games to start Project “”BENZEMA ON STEROIDS”” , May he Rule the Emirates)

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