These Stats Show Why This Manchester United Talisman Is Now A Finished Article In The Premier League


After the shutout at Anfield last weekend, Manchester United once again dealt a huge blow past weekend as Jose Mourinho’s comeback to the Stamford Bridge ironically ended in the biggest loss for his side this season. The 4-0 mauling in London was a crude reality check for Jose Mourinho who has now made a similar start to his stint at the club as David Moyes, the former Manchester United manager who got just an year at the club. After all the millions that were spent in the transfer window, Manchester United would have expected Mourinho to put in a better performance early this season and there are a few reasons for the slump in form.

One such reason, that is right up there, when it comes to the problems the club is facing at the moment is the form of his talisman, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swede bid adieu to a stellar international career and moved to Old Trafford for his first ever stint in the Premier League. Though he made a decent start to his career at the club, he is now in the middle of a draught and here are three reasons why he might be a finished article at the moment:

Shots since last goal:

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has been one of the most prolific goal scorers in Europe for sometime now. He has been a regular on the score sheet for PSG in the last few years and is expected to produce a similar return in the Premier League. But since the nature of both the leagues is different, he is finding it hard to find the net. He has now taken 30 shots since his last goal for the club and is now turning into a liability in attack for the side. His movement in the final third is not his strength and this has seen the whole team play a stagnant football at times, which has hurt them. Surely, his time as a top class striker has come to its fag end or else we can say; he has chosen a wrong league at this age.

Chance conversion rate:

The recently turned 35-year old is known for his poacher’s instinct in front of goal and his experience allows him to find the back of the net even from acute angles. However, since his move to the Premier League, he has not been able to score consistently. He has scored 4 goals for his side in the 9 Premier League appearances this season but he has statistically missed 6 clear goal scoring opportunities, most of them costing the team some points. He missed big chances against Liverpool, Watford, Stoke and Manchester City this season and is not looking his usual self in the final third.


His age:

Though his experience can help the side in many ways, Zlatan is starting to show his limitations the more game time he gets in this hectic Premier League season. He is at times seen strolling in the middle of the park aimlessly and though he has the ability to produce moments of brilliance and win games, he is having an effect on the overall approach of his side. He is still undoubtedly one of the best goal scorers in Europe but at his age, it might be time for Jose Mourinho to juggle him and maintain him for crunch games. He is not as quick and agile as he used to be and United need to play him accordingly to get the most of a career that is on the brink of an end.

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