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There is no doubt that soccer or football as it is also called is a highly popular, exciting and activating game across the globe. At any given point in time, there could be at least a few dozen teams that could be playing against one another. 
There surely must be thousands watching it, either on the football grounds or on television of other medium.

 It is a game that is liked by people across all ages, social strata and has now even started cutting across genders, though a few decades ago, men were more keenly attached to it.

It is quite obvious that any popular sport would certainly involve betting and football is also no exception at all, and I think many of us have also put bets on Premier League . It is without any doubt one of the most betted sports across the world. 

Even small club matches are betted heavily and it would not be wrong to mention here that it is one of the most important avenues of income for companies that are into online gambling. There are millions who invest quite a bit of time, money and effort in gambling in this sport. 

While many do not make any money out of it but still continue to be at it in the hope that something good would happen, there are others, who have made some money by being a part of it, either through casinos or other forms of online gambling. In this article, we will try and have a look at the eight biggest betting wins in UK soccer. 

While there could be other countries where perhaps bigger amount may have been won by bettors, we are restricting only to the United Kingdom for obvious reasons. 

We are sure it will make a very interesting reading for all those who are not only keenly interested in football, but would not also mind betting over the sport.

1. GBP 650,000 Win On GPB 100 Bet

There is no doubt that it takes lot of courage and understanding of the game of soccer to predict the outcomes of eight games. But doing so when the games are already in play does require something extra. The most sensational thing was that the punter in question was ready to stake 100 GPB on the teams that were already losing. 

However, this was his day as the Londoner eventually scooped what could be considered as the biggest accumulator win as far as the history of this sport is concerned. The wager talks about eight games and it had just 20 minutes of play left. 

This included a draw for West Ham who was down 0-2 to Stoke. Further, he also predicted Charlton to draw with Sheffield and that too in a game in which they were trailing. It was the same for Coventry when they took on Leyton Orient. 

He also predicted a draw between Wigan and Fulham. However, Wigan went ahead with around eight minutes remaining for the game.

Fulham were running one man short and everyone thought that Wigan’s win was a done-deal. However, to everybody’s surprise Bryan Ruiz scored the equalizer from a sport kick with just two minutes reaming and thus earned a draw against Fulham.

2. 80P Bet Wins 683,738 GBP 738/1 Odds

This is the incredible story of a lucky punter and he followed a simple but key role as part of his betting strategy.

 He would never place a wager or more than GPB 1 at any given point in time. It was a matter of time and luck before it started paying off and it did pay him big time.

 This is about an anonymous football fan belonging to a small village in Malta. He placed a 19-match accumulator through William Hill Website. 

It was with reference to the final game that was to be played between Liverpool and Chelsea who were Premier League rivals. It was a weekend in November 2011 and it went ahead as was expected. It saw the favorite teams winning a vast majority of the games that were played by them.

 Chelsea started favorites and none expected Liverpool to make any major impact. However, midway into the first-half, Liverpool surged ahead through a goal before it was equalized by Daniel Sturridge for Chelsea after the break. 

The match was drifting towards a draw till Glen Johnson scored the winner for Liverpool with just three minutes left for the match. This led to the punter winning a majestic GBP 585,000 for this prediction.

3. GBP 650,000 Win On A Bet Of 30 P (666/1) Odds

This pertains to the 2000/01 season and it was quite decent for Man United. They won their third consecutive Premier League Title. It also was their seventh famous flight title after the competition as rebranded in 1992. 

However, this big team was not that lucky in Europe as Bayern Munich showed them the exit door at the quarter finals stage. 

But it was a different story for one Red Devil fan, the journey forward for Bayern was very good news to him. His name is not known and he had placed a 15-event accumulator in Aug 2000. He staked just 30P and he did not expect anything much from the bet. 

However, he correctly predicted the winners as far as the top five English leagues were concerned, and also other sports such as cricket county championships and Scottish divisions apart from Rugby Union champions. 

The win of Bayern Munich opened the floodgates and he won a staggering amount of GBP 650,000 on a bet of just 30P.

4. 272,000 GPB Win (108,800/1 odds)

Winning 272K grand on a bet with 108,800/1 odds looks crazy and it actually happened in 2011. He placed a bet of GPB 2.50 and according to Ladbrokes this is the largest payout in their history. 

The name of the better is not known and he won this massive amount for a correct nine-match accumulator prediction. 

He placed his bet on underdogs including names such as Blackburn Rovers, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and others. 

This final journey to success for this punter came when the match between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao ended in a draw I a Copa del Rey Round match. This was despite the fact that Barcelona had the likes of Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi in their lineup.

5. A Win of GPB 200,000 at 2000/1 Odds 

The winning of Premier League Title by Leicester City in 2015/16 was indeed a big shock to all football fans. Yes some football fans were happy to see such unpredictable results actually happening. 

However, it left many bookmakers red faced and poorer as they had to shell out huge sums of money for those punter who were ready to place ridiculous bets. It was blunder and it cost books almost GPB 20 million by way on bets that were won. There was a punter, who netted a cool 200K GBP on a small bet. 

The bookers were lucky in a sense because had lesser number of people opted for cash-out against reduced profits, they would have ended up paying a lot more. But at the end of the day, it does continue to be one of the biggest total payout for football matches in the history of the game.

6. GPB 170,000 Win on GPB 1 Bet (Odds – 169,923/1)

This is another fascinating story about a 33 year old punter from Cambridgeshire. He could consider himself to be a lucky man in more ways than one. He went home with an awesome win of around 170K GBP and it happened within a week of having placed his very first bet in his life. It certainly was an icing on the cake. 

He had just opened an account with William Hill. He did this just to earn some small money that could be deposited in the savings account for the sake of his five month old son. However, as luck would have it, this huge win ensured that his son would have a decent life going forward. 

The biggest thing was that he was not following each game and he knew about his massive win once he logged into his account and checked the results.

7. A Win of GBP 116,000 On A Bet of GPB 5.05 with An Odd Of 22970/1

This is the story of a confident punter by the name George Wood. He was quite sure about his 10 match accumulator bet and was almost sure that it will pay him quite handsomely. He did win a huge amount of 116K and he spent around 17K GBP of the prize money in buying a brand new Renault Megane. 

He was a patient of MS, and he needed this money and this happened when Manchester City won 5-1 over Bournemouth and this gave him that jackpot which he so badly need. The ninth game on the list was between Marseille and Paris Saint Germain which ended with a victory for the latter. 

This happened on October 4, However, he had to wait till October 17 to win this big prize money after the confirmation of the Premier League winning team.

8. Odds of 46,000/1 Wins GPB 92,000 On A Bet of GPB 2

This is yet another interesting story of a big win of around GBP 92K on a 14 team bet by staking a miserly amount of GPB 2. 

This happened to him around seven months before he became a father and it was indeed great news to him and his partner. He was daring and he placed the bet on around 13 games and all the games were played on a Saturday. It happened in February 2015. 

He lost one prediction in his total predictions of 14 when his prediction of Southampton win turned out to be wrong. However, he had correctly predicted 13 out of 14 outcomes and this was good enough to make him richer by GBP 92,000

There are so many apps you can use when betting so I am not going to make a big list here, but at you can read reviews of UK casino sites.

Written by Balachandran B

Co-founder & Head of Operations @ SoccerSouls Sports Network. Nick Name: Jin. Favorite Sports team: Arsenal
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