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The season ticket prices for the new English Premier League season are out

One of the best ways of supporting your favorite football club is to watch its games and go to the stadium. A lot of people like doing this, which is why they are also interested in purchasing the so-called “season tickets”. As their name implies, those things allow them to watch all of the matches live.

As you can expect, season tickets can be expensive, especially for some of the top-tier clubs. Even though some of them have more money than ever before, the prices of the tickets are not going any lower, and the most recent information from the EPL proved it.

Those who can’t afford to buy the tickets or who reside in Canada or other parts of the world can watch the best teams at home. In fact, people who use the can also check the site’s sports section and will find a live streaming feature. Thanks to this option, iGaming fans will be able to watch some matches in real time. However, most hardcore football fans want to watch everything on the stadium, so let’s learn more about the tickets.

The tickets are expensive

After learning more information about the season tickets for the 2023-24 EPL and EFL seasons, it is safe to say that they are expensive. In total, 17 out of 20 clubs from the EPL have higher prices than before. Tottenham, Chelsea, and Brentford are the only 3 clubs that won’t change anything from last year.

As expected, Fulham has the most expensive season tickets following the new Riverside Stand. People wishing to follow their favorite team will have to pay around 3000 GBP, which is much more than the next names on the list. Speaking of the devil, Tottenham’s tickets come second with around 2K, and the third place goes to Arsenal, whose seasonal tickets cost around 1900 GBP.

Of course, some clubs’ tickets are a lot more affordable than others. For example, if we take a look at the newcomers in the EPL, we can see that clubs like Luton, Burnley, and Sheffield United charge around 500 GBP.

Why do people buy seasonal tickets?

Besides the fact that some people want to support their favorite football clubs, the seasonal tickets allow them to save some money. Those who plan on watching all of the home games should be able to save money when purchasing such a ticket instead of buying a ticker for every game. The bad news is that everything is getting more expensive, and those tickets are not an exception.