The Psychology of Gaming- What Goes Inside a Gamer’s Mind

Gambling has been in practice in our society for many years. The most recent and popularized form of gambling is the online sports betting. It’s making people all around the world crazy. The main reason behind this is the advanced mobile technology and 24/7 easy availability of internet. Most betting apps like are so attractively designed to provide players with an immersive user experience.

Mostly people risk their money hoping to earn high returns. It’s not just entertaining and exciting but slowly, they become addicted to it. I often wonder what drives them to betting and what goes inside their mind. However, a study shows that 90% of people practice responsible gambling. In this article, I’ll highlight some of the prime psychological factors behind it.

1. The Thrill Factor

I believe one of the main reasons people bet is for the thrill. The online betting process is extremely exciting. When people bet and win, they feel happy. Their brain releases dopamine that makes them feel good. This great feeling encourages them to bet repeatedly.

2. The Illusion of Control

According to Dr, Luke Clark- ‘Gambling games promote an ‘illusion of control’.

 In reality, most betting games are based on luck but the belief that I can influence the result makes people optimistic and confident. For instance, choosing any particular lottery number and winning it develops faith in them. So, this illusion keeps them engaged in betting hoping for better wins.

3. Urge to Win

When we lose we often feel the urge to try next time and win. This is a human psychology known as chasing losses in terms of gambling. However, it can be risky as players keep on staking their money just to chase their repeated losses. That’s why players are always suggested to manage their bankroll and stick to it.

4. The Near-Miss Effect

Sometimes players are very close to winning but they lose. This is called the near-miss. Usually when a win falls short people get motivated to bet next time and win. This is known as the Near-Miss Effect. This effect makes gamblers feel close to winning and trying again.

5. Social Factor

We can’t ignore what’s going around and now when everything is loudly shared on social media accounts, people often get influenced. Seeing others win or hearing stories of huge jackpots can encourage others to bet.

6. Advertisements

Advertisements and promotions of betting companies can also impact people’s decisions. Moreover, many betting sites offer attractive rewards and bonuses that drag new players into the world of betting.


Understanding this betting psychology helps us to see why people bet and how it affects their gambling behavior. Gambling addiction can become a problem and can result in financial losses, relationship issues, and mental health problems.

Responsible gaming on the other hand is safe. People can enjoy the betting fun without getting into major trouble.