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The Most Shocking Sackings of 2023 So Far 

What would a good football season be without some shocking sackings? The 2022/2023 season hasn’t disappointed on this front, as several different managers and players have been let go from various teams for various reasons. As the season draws to a close, this article will look in a bit more detail at what some of the most shocking sackings have been so far. 

Why Are They So Entertaining? 

There are a number of things that are entertaining about football, and it’s not just the actual sport itself. When the season is over and done with, people twiddle their thumbs with what they can do to better improve their time whilst they wait for more games. A good option for a lot of people is to head over to find some football slots on sites like , which has a massive array of games available that people can go on to pass the time. Team building and the business side of football is equally as immersive as the sport itself, so finding out about sackings and better understanding what a team is doing to better themselves and their position is incredibly interesting. 

Scott Parker 

It’s best to start with the first sacking of the 2022/2023 season, which was Scott Parker, the manager for Bournemouth. He was let go on August 30th and though it was early into the season, the decision was not hard for the club to make as his departure came after a 9-0 loss to Liverpool. He was replaced by Gary O’Neil. Since then, Bournemouth still finds themselves in trouble, but they’ve managed to pick up points throughout the season, and it looks as though they will be able to stay in the Premier League for another year. 

The Chelsea Fiasco 

One team who have had a particularly hard season is Chelsea. Just a week after the sacking of Bournemouth manager Scott Parker, they parted ways with their manager Thomas Tuchel. After only winning half of their opening games, Chelsea decided they would do better under new management, which didn’t quite happen. They opted for Graham Potter, manager of Brighton at the time, hoping he would be able to instill some kind of positivity back into the side. Unfortunately, this didn’t quite happen and Chelsea continued to struggle throughout the season, leading to the subsequent sacking of Potter months down the line. He has since been replaced by former Chelsea alumni Frank Lampard, who so far has not managed to secure the team a win. 

Jesse Marsch 

On February 6th, Leeds made the decision to get rid of their manager Jesse Marsch. This was a shock to everyone as it was another change in management within the space of a year that doesn’t seem to have done much for them. It happened after the team’s seventh Premier League game without a win. Leeds still find themselves in a difficult position and are currently scrambling to try avoid relegation.