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The Most Popular Soccer Leagues In Sports Betting

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. In fact, in many continents, it is the most popular sport by far. Only in North America do some other sports capture the attention of sports fans more.

Among sports bettors, soccer is a great sport to bet on. It constantly attracts a lot of attention from sports bettors around the world. But, what soccer leagues are the most popular for sports betting?

Let’s take a closer look.

English Premier League

The English Premier League is by far the most popular league around the world, which is why you can find a in just about every corner of the internet.

The Premier League is often seen as the most competitive soccer league in the world, and it brings fans from all over to follow. There are 380 matches in one single season, and many involve some of the most talented soccer stars from many different countries.

Some of the best players in the world sign with Premier League clubs, which is why the league is so popular.

The Budesliga

The Bundesliga in Germany is extremely popular as well. The league has one of the most consistently talented clubs in all of soccer — Bayern Munich. That club dominates the league quite a lot, which is why it’s not as popular to watch as the English Premier League.

That being said, having one outstanding club and then others that fall behind does not make it a league that’s not ripe for betting. Sports bettors all around the world pay attention to the Bundesliga in Germany, and for good reason.

There are plenty of closely-fought matches throughout the season, even if it’s a foregone conclusion that Bayern Munich will at least be in the serious championship discussion.

La Liga

La Liga is the top soccer league in Spain, and many people feel it’s not far behind the English Premier League in terms of talent — if at all. Some of the top clubs in the world are in La Liga, including Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The league also has plenty of their own stars in it, including Lionel Messi for many years. Bettors love La Liga because it’s great competition and top-notch soccer that is played on a consistent basis.

The league itself is very competitive, even if there are a few clubs that dominate the standings year in and year out. Bettors always flock to the best matches in La Liga, as they are fun to watch and can be very profitable.

Major League Soccer

This league in the United States isn’t often considered the host of the best soccer in the world, but it’s getting better with every year. In addition, even though it may not be able to match up with some of the other top leagues in the world, the matches within Major League Soccer are extremely competitive.

The league has been expanding in recent years, and there will soon be 30 clubs in the league. This makes for a very competitive landscape, which is a lot of fun for fans and bettors alike.

The MLS often has some younger players who start in the league and then move onto other top leagues overseas, too. This makes for a great way to follow players as their younger before they become superstars.

Serie A

Not to be outdone is Italy’s Serie A. While the league is often home to mainly the top Italian players, some of the world’s best players have also flocked to this league in recent years as well.

The competition is always excellent, too. While Juventus has often dominated the top of the standings, the rest of the league is very competitive. Serie A is very popular among soccer bettors for this reason, and because the brand of soccer is so fun to watch.

Ligue 1

France has an excellent soccer league as well, and it’s called Ligue 1. One of the world’s best soccer clubs is in this league, Paris Saint-Germain. Not only do they boast some of France’s top soccer stars, but they will be the new team for Argentine superstar Lionel Messi this season.

Sports bettors love to watch and place wagers on Ligue 1, and for good reason. France has an excellent brand of soccer, and the league is extremely competitive. There are a lot of matches that happen throughout the year, and the passion is high, making for fun, interesting and bet-worthy matches.