The Football Transfer Market

New betting sites are currently buzzing with the football transfer market set to open soon.  This is a time when teams will shed the old and get new blood within their teams.  Just to put you in the picture millions of pounds are generated from the transfer market, with clubs bidding for players. 

However, today we invite you to join the fun, with odds checking, player comparing and above all, guessing the correct new team for said players.  Ready to talk about the transfer market?  Let’s have a look at some of the biggest names that are set to leave or return to the English Premier League.

Paul Pogba – Manchester United

It seems that Paul Pogba has been walking on eggshells at the Theatre of Dreams for quite some time.  His very public feuds with Mourinho were documented and news outlets started buzzing.  His agents have also been very vocal when it comes to the transfer market. Is Pogba leaving? 

Is he staying? The truth is that Paul Pogba is a football legend and odds are stating that he should be going back to Juventus with odds at 7/4. Inter odds stand at 10/1 and if Pogba joins Inter, we are pretty sure his ex team Juve will not appreciate this move.

A move to his native land of France is not ruled out, as Paris St Germain have made it clear that Pogba is welcome. Odds stand at 3/1, so this would be your best shot at winning dear player.

Sergio Aguero – Manchester City

As Sergio Aguero prepares his new football shoes and hopefully his new kit, his Manchester City Manager Per Guardiola is already seeking his successor. 

Ageuro has been facing an injury but will return to the football pitch following , following the small mishap.  There is a lot of talk where the Argentine player will head to, and new betting sites have all some common betting strategies on Aguero’s next move. The odds of him joining Juventu are currently 11/2 and joining Barcelona stands at 17/1.

Inter odds stand at 33/1 whilst joining Bayern Munich seems only a dream with odds standing at 20/1.  New betting sites seem to see Aguero’s future at Real Madrid with the odds currently on offer being 6/1. Wayback in May Aguero did not rule out joining a Spanish Team, so a Real Madrid betslip is the way forward!

Cristino Ronaldo – Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo has featured in several ads

Cristino Ronaldo has always been the star player wherever he went. He has been a great addition to Manchester United, and even Real and Juventus.  The player might be in his 30s, but is always deemed as the next Maradona, the Pele of our time. 

Ronaldo craves winning, and winning he does with each team he joins.  There has been much talk of him joining United once again with odds currently standing at 10/3.  A move back to Real Madrid is also possible, with new betting sites showing odds of 5/1. On the other hand, Ronaldo could possibly follow the steps of David Beckham and secure a move to LA Galaxy.

The odds for a US move currently are offered at 10/1.  And finally, another move to the US is on the cards, and Ronaldo is rumoured to be joining Inter Miami, the club owned by Jorge Mas and David Beckham.

The odds of joining stand at 9/1. PSG and Bayern Munich have also made it clear that Cristino Ronaldo is very very welcome at their clubs.  So who will it be?

New betting sites are always a good way to get the best odds available in the transfer market.  To have a good idea of odds available, we suggest you compare new betting sites, and also enjoy a hefty welcome bonus when you join.

Written by Balachandran B

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