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The Biggest Premier League Shirt Sponsorship Deals 2017/2018

Premier League football is arguably one of the most loved and most watched sports events across the world and it’s no wonder why many of the big brands would want a slice of the advertising pie. Companies are no longer just advertising around stadiums and in the stands; big shirt sponsorship deals are giving them the opportunity to brand teams’ soccer kits for a significant period.

Some of the biggest sponsorship deals in history include Man United’s 7-year partnership with American car company, Chevrolet, Arsenal’s deal with Emirates and Chelsea’s 5-year sponsorship with Japan’s Yokohama. Looking at the combined 20 Premier League teams who have generous sponsorship deals, the numbers soar to staggering heights of close to £281 million a year. This vastly outshines other European league deals which are just breaking the £100 million mark.

One of these keen sponsors is Britain’s leading online betting company, , who are the primary sponsors for UK’s West Ham United. Since 2015, The Hammers have enjoyed a lucrative injection from the betting company and a fantastic facelift. With the immense global broadcasting capacity that the Premier League enjoys, it gives Betway unrivalled exposure.

The Betway Group sponsorship also adheres to strict and responsible marketing policies, which prohibits the betting logo branding of youth playing gear and children’s-sized merchandise.

The bigger global, corporate brands are enjoying expansive shirt sponsorship deals in the 2017/2018 season. Some of these include Man City’s massive 10-year deal of £30 million with Etihad Airways (UAE). Betway is one of the top sports betting companies who are in partnership with a Premier League team and hold the number eight spot out of the 20 league clubs. This could be said to be prime position for the sports betting company, which may open more opportunities for further Premier League shirt sponsorship, going forward.

The continued and renewed shirt sponsorship allows grand exposure for the Betway Group but these deals go beyond just branding of playing kits. Sponsorship deals like the West Ham-Betway partnership allows more international exchange programmes and further development and growth of the game amongst young talent and disadvantaged groups.

These sponsorship deals also allow for more opportunities in training and coaching facilities, and exchange programmes to other Betway partners like the big African football clubs who hold significant positions in the English Premier League.

Betway is obviously proving to be more than just a fun and versatile online betting spot. Sports enthusiasts can now experience all their favourite events and international football entertainment anytime, anywhere with a recognised and respected sports betting brand.

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