The Betting Habits Of Those Involved In Football

Football betting
There has long been a tradition of those involved in football – both players and managers – being keen gamblers, although sometimes they have not really participated in these activities with any degree of success. Nonetheless, for every Matthew Etherington or Paul Merson, who has had a disastrous gambling addiction, there has been a Teddy Sheringham or Robbie Fowler who has gambled very successfully. Ultimately, football players and managers have very different gambling habits, ranging from playing online casino games at websites such as, to sports betting. With differing experiences equally creating different levels of success.

Online Casino 

When it comes to playing casino games, there have been very mixed fortunes for footballers, with the likes of Paul Merson showing how this can go disastrously wrong and lead to addiction and heavy debts, while former players like Teddy Sheringham have had a vastly different experience. Sheringham started playing poker when still a footballer, and has now become a professional casino gambler – a very successful one – having made over $300,000 in winnings during his time at the tables.

Sports Betting

When it comes to footballer players and managers taking part in sports betting the most common form is horse racing; which has proven to be a popular pastime for many in the game, including Sir Alex Ferguson and Michael Owen. This is one of the safer more sociable types of gambling for players to take part in, and indeed it is often used by managers as a way of enabling players to bond with each other during days off. Ferguson and Owen are two of the most high profile players and managers to participate in gambling on horse races, but it is a very common pastime amongst footballers in general.

The betting habits of football players and managers vary significantly, from an amateur interest in sports betting, to professional poker playing, and the level of success that they enjoy from these activities also differs wildly.


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