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The best ways to promote a betting site: six highly effective strategies

With more and more people coming into the world of sports betting and with the growth potentials of the industry being high, developing and operating a betting site is a very lucrative activity.

But with so many competing sites and online sportsbooks, it is imperative to consider how to best market and promote your site, so as to make a difference in the industry, address to wider target customer bases, attract more punters, improve your business’ turnover and ultimately improve your profitability.

Particularly for those who have just begun their journey to the sports betting industry, it is very useful to look into best practices and popular techniques utilized by successful online bookmakers and , a market that is experiencing tremendous growth in industry revenues and in volume bets.

So, here you’ll find the best ways to promote a betting site in order to maximize the prospects of attracting new customers, generate more subscriptions and increase your revenues.

The best promotional strategies and tools for your betting site

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): With the proper SEO strategy, you can have your website return amongst the first results in google searches. SEO means improving the visibility of the site practically by moving it continuously upwards in ranking when people search for a related topic.

Keywords and content are conducive to the effectiveness of SEO strategy, so it is important to emphasize them when developing the strategy and putting it into practice.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliating with other sites and communication and marketing platforms is valuable in increasing the promotion of your betting site.

With affiliate marketing, you get to have greater traffic at the site – which is not organic though, but affiliates drive it. You get to win more users by paying a commission to the affiliates.

3. Advertising: traditional, paid advertising remains a very effective tool for promoting a sports betting site. Now that online ads can be very targeted, they can also prove valuable in generating awareness, increasing brand exposure and increasing traffic simultaneously.

Google AdWords for example are a perfect way to start with online advertisements.

4. Social media marketing: social media could not be missing from this list. They are heavily used by all sports betting agents – from athletes and teams (especially football clubs) to fans and bettors. Social media is the closest we’ve got now to word-of-mouth marketing, only much much bigger and more viral.

Investing in social media marketing can bring remarkable results when it comes to promotion because you can indirectly advertise your site, you can establish communication and relations with users and customize your offerings, you can engage with users and get to understand better their needs when it comes to betting and based on all these, you can eventually improve what you offer and fine-tune your marketing strategy.

5. Content marketing: While this may be seen by many as an integral part of social media marketing and SEO, it can in fact be distinct and it should be treated distinctively.

With content marketing, you get to create and share interesting, appealing, enlightening and engaging content that drives traffic to your site and attracts potential new customers to your site.

6. Email marketing: it is not old-fashioned and it is certainly not to be ignored by sports betting sites. Email marketing can work magic when done properly, strategically and in a targeted manner.

Sending emails to prospective customers -that is, potential users and bettors – can be very effective in increasing awareness of your site, in stimulating action (which translates to website traffic) and in generating sales (which translates into subscription and wagering).

These six strategies are vastly used by the best sports betting sites in the world and have proven very effective. Promoting a site in the betting industry is not optional anymore – it is imperative, if a site is to stand a chance in becoming a successful platform for punters!

From social media marketing which is overall easy and straightforward even for novel ‘promoters’ to SEO and Content marketing, every strategy can become a significant push for your site.