Talking Tactics: Why Tottenham Are The Best Team In The League

This season, the premier league have had some real ups and downs but, only 2 things have been constant. Leicester on the top, Tottenham behind them. Well, Tottenham are very close in achieving their dream and the next few games will decide the fate of these 2 teams.

Of course, Leicester have been a bigger surprise this season but, we cannot forget what Tottenham has achived this season. Leicester City had some lucky wins this season but, Tottenham have been performing like real heroes throughout the season. From Lloris to Kane, every player is hitting a top form this season and all the credit goes to the Argentine Mauricio Pochettino. He has made what Spurs are at this very moment.

The difference is down to 5 now and Spurs will do anything to close down the deficit. Leicester city, on the other hand, have some tough games to play as they will face Everton, Manchester United, and Chelsea in their last 3 fixtures whereas Tottenham have Chelsea, Southampton, and Newcastle United.

Well, Tottenham have played an aggressive football this season and that has been the main reason for their success. In their every game, we see the high pressing style through which the team wins the possession in the right spot and is able to create many quick counter attacks. Harry Kane’s wonder goal against Arsenal was one of the best examples of that. Besides that, every player in the team knows their role and knows what they have to do in the next game.

Defensively, they are easily the best team in the league. Many teams this season have failed to defend the counter attacks but, not in the case of Tottenham . You can easily observe that how the players positions themselves and moves back infield aggressively to close down the opponent’s attacks. In most of their games, the team doesn’t rely on some marginal victories as they have scored most number of goals this season (64).

The team doesn’t rely on the traditional possession and building up gameplay, the team wants to attack quickly by winning the ball in promising areas and attacking it. Talking about defence, the London’s side actually has one of the finest defenses in Europe as the team have conceded just 25 goals this season in the premier league. Well, if looking into the deep, Tottenham starts pressing with Harry Kane upfront who is supported by Alli, Eriksen, and Lamela and then comes the defence. You can easily see the player’s commitment and fight to win the ball back which is not in the case of most of the Premier League ‘Giants’ this season.

Pochettino’s tactics have been working really well this season and the players have also applied it well in the game. Whenever they are out of the possession, they overload the opponent and are prepared to take the risk of leaving the gaps in between and once they win the ball they have the numbers close to launch a counter attack in a pack. This requires a lot of stamina and the players still do their job with full intensity.

In the recent era, the attacking brand of football is at an elite level and Leicester are doing the same and that is the reason we see Leicester and Tottenham fighting for the top honours while the others are struggling for the Champions League spot.

But fairly comparing Leicester and Tottenham I’d say Tottenham have been a better team in terms of the performance this season as because the players have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and have been a most organized team with and without the ball.


Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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