Talking Tactics: 3 Things Klopp Must Do To Improve Liverpool’s Results

Whenever Liverpool fans get the euphoric feeling of coming close to being the old Liverpool, they fall face first into the dust, evaporating each  bit of those hopes. They hammer City at the Etihad, but lose to Newcastle, manage to draw against West Brom by striking late and get ripped apart by Watford 3-0 away from home right after the encouraging win.

Jurgen Klopp has although, embraced the famed crest, but disappointing performances recently have clarified the fact that the win at Etihad was nothing more than a fluke. And it’s still a work in progress and patchy showings will continue until it’s all fixed up.

But, with Klopp its only a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’, when it comes to Liverpool’s rise to the top. And to quicken this process of recovery, here are three things that Klopp needs to sort out at Anfield:

  1. Sort out the defense
Mamadou Sakho
Mamadou Sakho

The defense and it’s frailties has been a problem for Liverpool since a long time now after their golden period went past. No manager that followed Rafa Benitez has succeeded in fixing the defense fully and Klopp hasn’t either. With injuries currently plaguing the Liverpool backline, there is although nothing much that Klopp can do apart from playing Lucas at centre back, but as the January transfer window approaches, he must begin to look at quality centre-halves.

With Dejan Lovren injured and Martin Skrtel now supposedly out with a hamstring problem, Liverpool are left with only one out and out centre-half, Mamadou Sakho. Liverpool were forced into fielding a make-shift back line with Lucas partnering the former Lyon man, making sure that the defense looked more nervous and shaky than they’ve this season.

Fielding Emre Can, who played as a centre-half last season in a 3-4-3 system can work better than deploying Lucas in there. And snapping up a centre-half in January would be a top notch priority.

Written by Kaustubh Pandey

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