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Take Notes Jose Mourinho: Changes That Can Make Chelsea a Better Team

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Jose Mourinho

Chelsea are in utter disarray. If there’s something that is going right, then it is actually nothing. And nothing refers to null as the London club, who had claimed the title in sublime fashion has been in tatters, to say the least. Their third consecutive Premier League loss to Stoke City was a game which just wasn’t meant for Chelsea’s winning. They created a fair share of opportunities to come back in the game but still ended up conceding a 1-0 defeat. And if this isn’t shocking enough, the Blues are currently just 3 points away from the relegation zone and as many as 13 points away from the top four.

And things demand a positive change. Something that can reform things and get the club back on the right track. Because looking at how they’re sliding, the only way forward is upwards. So, here are some changes that can transform Chelsea’s season.

 Play Fabregas alongside Matic, if only the Serbian is defensively sound

Cesc Fabregas
Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas was on fire last season and had struck up a deadly pair with Diego Costa up top. He had the ability to rip open defenses at will. And he played as a central midfielder, alongside Matic. He never felt the need to track back, nor did Mourinho or the team. Matic was doing his job exceptionally well and all Fabregas had to do was find people with the help of passing and vision, with the whole attack laid in front of him.

This season, Matic has looked shaky, changing Fabregas’s overall game and forcing him to come deep and do the dirty work. He’s averse to doing it and he’s not good at it too,  and it’s a reason why Chelsea have conceded so many goals. Now that Matic is slowly beginning to come good again, Fabregas needs to be played slightly deeper, rather than as an attacking midfielder.