Ranking the 10 Best Real Madrid Players of all time

Here is a list of 10 best Real Madrid players of all time. (Credit: talksport.com)

The team with the most European titles, Real Madrid, has been home to some of the most exceptional players in football history. Read on to learn the 10 best Real Madrid players of all time.  Real Madrid won the FIFA Club of the century award in 2000, suggesting their dominating display. From Cristiano Ronaldo to … Read more

Thierry Henry, Raul And Del Piero – 3 Forgotten Legends Who Are Still Playing Abroad

They were once revered, worshipped and adored by the fans for the great moments they had given to the cheering masses, and have brought a smile on the face of many a neutral. Yet, with the winds of change blowing at these footballing institutions, these legends have moved on, spending the twilight of their glittering … Read more

Once Legends, Now Forgotten? Top 10 Footballers Who Are Still Playing Professional Football But Hardly Noticed

The fans once worshiped them but now the world hardly knows where they are and how they are doing. Yes, i got this idea after watching last nights friendly between England and Brazil when the likes of Ronaldinho and co were recalled for Brazil. So here is a list of 10 footballers who had a … Read more