Top 10 Aston Villa Players of all time

Here is a list of Top 10 Aston Villa Players of all time. (Credit: Aston Villa)

Aston Villa has a rich history of achievements in English football and here we  learn about the top 10 Aston Villa players of all time.   10. Gordon Cowans Gordon Cowans is one of Villa’s most decorated players in recent history, renowned for his brilliant passing. Cowans have won the European Cup, the First Division title, … Read more

Top 5 Sex Scandals In The Premier League Era Featuring Manchester United And Chelsea Stars

Sex scandals in football, unfortunately, are never too uncommon. It is not very surprising either because these players are in the prime of their life, earns an incredible amount of money and fame. Often, they are too young and inexperienced to keep their feet on the ground. Fans are often left wondering what in God’s name … Read more