Swansea Vs Arsenal – Player Ratings + Highlights

Yet another disappointment for the traveling fans. A game which should have won ended up as a stalemate. Arsenal were the better side overall but it’s their inability to hold on to a lead that has cost them yet another game, more importantly an extra fixture to play.

Szczesny – He left two goals but a decent performance from him. Could have stayed on his feet for the second goal for which he went down a second earlier. 6.5/10

Sagna – Wenger started with Sagna again without giving Jenkinson a chance to prove himself. But the French man Sagna had a poor outing yet again. Apart from his defensive duties, his attacking threats have seriously gone down. He has almost forgot how to cross the ball. 5.5/10 

Mertesacker – Was the reason for Swansea’s opening goal. Left too much gap for Michu to pounce upon and did not have the strength to stop him. 5.5/10

Koscielny – Made more errors than the good tackles he put in. 6/10

Gibbs – Scored a goal which had a touch of Van Persie in it. Made the left hand side of the pitch his own. Had a great game defensively too as he held up Dyer making any damage. 8/10

Arteta – Is he failing as a defensive midfielder ? He is a decent player but playing him out of position is making him lose his game. He was way better when played along side Song last year. 6/10

Wilshere – The one criticism Wilshere will have to take is his frustration level. The midfielder losses his coll when Arsenal are a goal down and plays some eratic passes and unwanted fouls. Had an average game overall. 6.5/10

Cazorla – Should have scored when he had the ball at his feet inside the penalty box with time and space available, instead blasts it over the keeper. Showed an improved performance in the second half but an off day for the Spaniard. 5/10

Walcott – Yet another average game for Walcott. He was used as a winger this time around but was not effective showing his inability to play against teams who sit back and defend deeply. 5.5/10

Giroud – Provided a delightful waited pass over the defenders for Gibbs to score the second Arsenal goal. Otherwise forgot his shooting boots at home. 6.5/10

Ramsey – Another game where the midfielder was played out of position. But had a better performance from his previous starts. After an ordinary first-half, he was much improved in the second. Produced a brilliant cross that Giroud should have done better from. 6.5/10

Watch the Highlights of the game:

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]E07cEI3ndBQ[/youtube]

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