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Why This Super Duo Signing A New Deal Is The Best News For Arsenal This Season

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Mesut Ozil

Arsenal seems to have recovered a bit thanks to their easy win over Watford in the Premier League, although it was Theo Walcott who stole the show with his goal, Alexis Sanchez also got on the scoresheet and that will be a welcome relief for the Gunners.

The Chilean hasn’t had the greatest season this time around after his stellar season last term but there is an expectation from the 27-year-old that he will get better next season and well help Arsenal achieve that elusive Premier League crown.

Another player who has actually shown his ability this term is Mesut Ozil. The German has often been criticised for not being effective for Arsenal, especially on a regular basis but that has not been the case in this campaign.

Ozil is the main man for Arsenal and has provided 18 assists in the Premier League, far greater than anyone else. The other 27-year-old has also scored seven goals this term and some of them have been important for the London club.

There have been talks of a contract extension for both the players, even though Ozil has rumoured to demand close to 200,000 pounds a week, Arsenal should not scoff at that but rather sign the German up.

A base for the future

There have been far too many times that big players have left Arsenal for greener pastures or for Manchester City. Bacary Sagna, Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy are some of the players who have moved to the Etihad and it hasn’t always been about the lack of opportunities or trophies.

It has sometimes been about the money aspect also and Arsenal should not think that 200,000 a week is too large an amount for two players who are star turns for the team. There have been innumerable times that they have saved the club or gotten them important points.

Ozil and Sanchez are two players who have the stats to prove that they are the most important players be it in creating chances, scoring goals or with regards to passing, the German and Chilean are second to none and losing them due to contractual disputes would be terrible for the Gunners.

Signing a new contract would also provide the team with a sense of stability and would deter many teams from coming up to buy them in the last year of their contract. You cannot stop a Real Madrid or Barcelona from coming in and signing the top players but keeping them tied down to long term contracts will certainly help and that is one reason why the signature of these two players is so important for Arsenal.

The best thing about the pair is the age. They are both 27 and could play at the top level for another 3-4 year, maybe a little less for Sanchez due to his explosive gameplay. Arsenal need something to build on for next season and for the next few years and Ozil and Sanchez provide that.

The team can be built around them and maybe a couple of players here and there could well make the title challengers that they surely should be. Arsenal might not be winning the Premier League title this season but with Ozil and Sanchez in the team for the foreseeable future, they should be looking at a bright future, and that could be the best thing for Arsenal at the moment.