Super Bowl Odds 2022: Preview and Bold Predictions

The Super Bowl is the name given to the championship game of the National Football League. The first Super Bowl happened on January 15, 1967, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The iconic Vince Lombardi Trophy, awarded to the Super Bowl champion, honouring the former Green Bay Packers player.

The NFL is now in its 56th season since 1967. Thus, this championship is branded as the Super Bowl LVI. The scheduled championship game is to play on February 13, 2022, at SoFi Stadium, and two teams give everything to be Super Bowl champions. 

The season is currently in the round playoffs, in which eight teams ranked to advance in the finals. Only the winning teams will then proceed to the semis and quarterfinals. The playoffs are considered the climax or turning point of the season. Thus, fans and spectators are now placing their bets on their favorite teams.

Odds betting is one way to bet for your favorite team. This betting mechanism allows you to pick your championship bet and go against probabilities. If you are interested in soccer betting, basketball betting, or football betting, you can check this out.  

Here are how the odds are going this season: 

1. Green Bay Packers To Win Superbowl LVI

The Green Bay Packers had an overwhelming run this season. They currently lead the NFC North with an impressive 13-4, winning all 8 of their home games this season. The Packers are on a losing streak after the Detroit Lions beat them on January 10 with a tight score of 37-30. 

Despite their recent loss, they still are the picked champion of this season. The odds for the Packers are at +375. The five-time championships are leading the betting table as they showed a great campaign. They will face off with the San Francisco 49ers in their next game on January 23.

2. Kansas City Chiefs Is The Second Favorite

Kansas City Chiefs picked the second favorite of the crowd with odds at +400. The AFC West leaders betted to be the champion after their impressive 12 to five this season. They also won nine out of their 10-final regular-season games. 

As of the moment, they also are expected to be AFC Champions after beating Pittsburgh Steelers with a landslide 42-21. The Chiefs are expected to win against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. 

3. Buffalo Bills Can Be A Contender

The Bills lead the AFC East with an 11 to six, which pales compared with the Packers and Chiefs statistics. However, they are on an impressive W4 streak after beating the 6-time champion New England Patriots 47-17. 

They now come in third at the betting table with +500. Fans believe the Bills just gained momentum late in the season and that their winning streak will continue until the big game. However, they will be attending to face an overpowering opponent in their next gameplay. It is going to be an intense Chiefs vs. Bills in the quarterfinals.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Come In Fourth 

The defending champion is only fourth in the odds table even after their impressive 13 to four records with only one home game loss. The Buccaneers are also on a W3 winning streak after defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 31-15. 

They are currently close with the Bills with a +550. The NFC South leaders still are expected to grow the betting table and advance to the finals. They would face the Los Angeles Rams in their next game.

5. Los Angeles Rams And Tennessee Titans Almost Tie In Odds

The Rams and Titans almost tie in odds with +800 or +850.  Because AFC South and NFC West ended up with 12 to five this season. Many fans still believe they can work their way up in the finals despite more teams having a better record than them. The Rams are up against the Buccaneers on their next game. While the Titans are up against the Bengals.

6. San Francisco 49ers And Cincinnati Bengals Giving A Good Fight

The 49ers and Bengals are last in the odds betting table with +1000 and +1500, respectively. However, some fans still believe they can power through and advance until the finals. 

The San Francisco 49ers are only third in the NFC West. They are fighting against the strong Packers in the next game. They beat Dallas Cowboys in their previous game and are now in a W2 streak which could be their advantage over the L1 streak Packers.

The Cincinnati Bengals are leading the AFC North with 10 to seven. They will face Tennesse Titans in their next game.

Superbowl LVI

The 56th Super Bowl will be one of a show just like the previous championships. It is considered the Oscars of sports because of the entertainment it brings. Many celebrities also perform at the iconic Super Bowl halftime show. 

Because of the gameplay thrill, many fans also bet on their favorite team to win. Thus, it’s one of the games with high money at stake. 

The things above are the bold predictions and odds as of the moment. However, things may still change as the playoffs progress, and still, matches are going to be more exciting from here. 

Written by Balachandran B

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