Suarez Saga – Are Liverpool Heading The Spurs Way?

They say that “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Well for Liverpool fans it has actually been the reverse. As impressive as the last season was with the dreams of even more this term, the initial period has actually been disastrous for the club.

Suarez in a Barcelona Shirt
Suarez in a Barcelona Shirt

When Luis Suarez was convinced to stay at Liverpool last summer by the manager, it was taken as a moral victory. People thought that he would leave last season itself but it was the team’s grit and determination which forced him to stay and the rest is history. But Tottenham Hotspur sold Gareth Bale to Real Madrid last season after he had a wonderful year in the Premier League.

Now the money that Spurs received for Gareth Bale was massive and certainly they purchased a number of players with that money, which they thought would increase their squad depth and push them for that elusive fourth position or maybe even more. But fast forward a year and we all know how that turned out.

Spurs not only made some big money signings, but they broke their own transfer record twice last season in their zest to add players to the team. And those two players have proved to be the most inadequate in their first season. Roberto Soldado was supposed to pour in the goals that Defoe was not able to do and his records in Spain suggested that he was capable of doing that. But he could go down as one of the biggest flops of the season and Spurs could well have done without him in the team.

Erik Lamela was the next big thing in Italy before Spurs spent a ludicrous sum of money on him and put immense pressure on him, a fact he could never cope up with. His performance has been so poor for the side that now Spurs are considering selling him back to Roma at a cut price, thus suffering a setback.

When Spurs were on their spending spree, Arsene Wenger made a comment that too many players in a season could disturb the momentum of the team and it actually could have an adverse effect o the team. But many refused to believe this at that time, only to realise later the worth of Wenger’s words. Now as it looks from here, Liverpool are heading in the same direction, selling their best player to Spain and getting a number of average players in his place, who could certainly not have his effect on the team.

The likes of Adam Lallana, Emre Can and Lambert could be termed as decent transfers, but none of these players have it in them to replicate what Suarez did for them last season. In a season when Liverpool are reappearing in the Champions League, what they needed was a couple of marquee signings with the Suarez money, a la Napoli who replaced Cavani with Higuain. But instead they have opted for average players, a decision which could head them towards Spurs in a season.

After making such progress in such a short time, none would be happy to be the next Spurs, but Liverpool have made too little impact in the transfer market as of now and their resemblance to Spurs of last season is too uncanny to ignore, making the hearts of their fans race faster.

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