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Suarez Bites Up Liverpool’s Pride Or Boost Arsenal’s’?

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Quite often we land ourselves into quenching our belief on what football really is. Is it about trophies, pride, loyalty or passion etc.? Do we have an affirmative answer for it? No. It is what our beliefs are that convinces us to love the club. One such controversial headline being conduct of the club. Arsenal are class or pass?

Arsenal, when it comes to signing a player has been real class. Be it present or past. The words that come out of Arsene’s mouth “I don’t know. We are not close to signing someone.”  And I don’t mean just Arsene alone. Recent accusations of Brendan Rodgers (LFC Manager) claiming Liverpool are a bigger club than Arsenal. John Henry (Principal owner, Liverpool) tweeting “What are they smoking at The Emirates?” in response to Arsenal’s bid for Luis Suarez. Have Arsenal been so tosh with their approach? We made a bid which Arsene was made to believe would trigger a release clause. The aftermath would see Arsene wanting to resolve it amicably and leaves it to Liverpool.

Liverpool on other hand blaming the player and asking him to show loyalty (Rodgers and Swansea ehmm) making him train alone have behaved very childishly. Reports claiming BR “No player is bigger than the club”. John Henry “We won’t sell the player because we don’t have reinforcements.” What are BR and Henry smoking? John Henry claiming Arsenal as trophy less was the height of frustration. Arsenal fans would clearly understand this trauma which they were forced to endure in past seasons. Thierry Henry though a legend promised to stay, only for us to see him move to Barca, few days later. Cesc saga with Barca player Xavi, claiming Cesc to be on loan at Arsenal was the toughest endurance. Barca players dumping Barca jersey on Cesc after World Cup was height of frustration. What did Arsenal do in return? They let Cesc leave without any trouble. In addition they let Barca train at the Colney for the CL final. Nasri decided to leave having claimed he became the best under Arsene. 2-0 down to Liverpool at home. Two star players left. It did not rain but poured. Arsene did not let his belief leave him. Resurrection with few signings after 8-2 outclass by United ensured that Arsenal once again finished in Top 4. It would have been easy to give up, accuse players of lacking loyalty but Arsene or Arsenal did not.

Arsene Wenger and the water bottle

Yet again in the season due to come, Arsenal were rocked with star player exit meaning RVP. This time to their fierce rival Manchester united. A pill which was hard to swallow but the one moved on swiftly. Media claim that the players left for trophy. But the truth is that the buying clubs needed these players to sustain their trophy. And remarks of the players who left are amazing. Cesc quoting Arsene to be one of only three people who influenced his life, Nasri claiming Arsene the best coach he has worked with, RVP entered Arsenals’ dressing room last season while he visited as a “United” player. Hleb, Song, Clichy and Toure, who was supported by Wenger while the former was accused of drugs, have had only good things to say about Arsenal.

On the other hand we were quiet silent when it came to players whom we bought. Arteta, Per, Cazorla, Podolski etc. Though some might argue that we were out of sorts when it came to Arshavin and Chamakh transfers, did we really go that public? No. The class of Arsenal had been brought into light by Gary Neville, Ex Manchester United right back. Entrusting fans with belief. It is not all doom and gloom. Class will be rewarded by honor. So Arsenal fans, just be patient. We are past dusk and into the dawn. The light makes our future bright.

Written by Guest Author Shyam

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