(Stats) Where Does The Chelsea Striker Stand When Compared To One Of The Best Strikers In Europe This Season?

Diego Costa

It makes no sense to revise the fact that how poor Chelsea were this season. They had a serious downfall and the players are also to be blamed for the same. Speaking honestly, besides Willian, no one showed the desire or the hunger to compete for the honour.

Talking about Diego Costa, the Brazilian-born Spanish striker had an amazing debut season with the Blues and he adopted the nature of the premier league very quickly. Diego Costa played a major role in Chelsea’s triumph last season and ended up scoring 22 goals in all competition for the club. Yes, Eden Hazard was the star man of the season, but it was Diego Costa who lead the attacking line for Jose Mourinho and proved himself a worthy candidate for the position. With Chelsea going down the drain this season, his form has also dipped very badly. Scoring goals has been the secondary objective for the player this season. He has been the most controversial striker as ruthless fights and meaningless arguments have been the regular routine for Costa this season.

Elsewhere, we have the Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain, he is currently enjoying his stay on the top of the goal scoring charts in Serie A with a comfortable margin of 16 goals between him and the 2nd one. After his frustrating time in the Spanish capital, the striker decided to leave and join Italian side Napoli. He has been a consistent performer for the side and has been an integral part of the team. Napoli may have lost the Serie A title to Juventus this season, but they witnessed a breathtaking performance from the Argentine striker.

Here, we will be comparing both the strikers and will be trying to figure it out that who amongst both had the better 2015-16 season.

Diego Costa vs Gonzalo Higuain-

Gonzalo Higuain

For starters, Diego Costa has 28 appearances to his name in the league this season in which, he has played 21 full games and has been substituted in 6. Higuain, on the other hand, has 34 appearances to his name in the league and has played 19 full games and has been substituted in 14. In their number of appearances for their side, Diego Costa has scored 12 goals this season and Higuain has scored 33.

When talking about the shooting accuracy, the Argentine striker easily beats the Spanish as he has the shooting accuracy of 58% this season in which he has 80 shots on target and 59 shots off target. Furthermore, Diego Costa has the shooting accuracy of 53% this season in which he has 28 shots on target and 25 shots off target.

When compared both in terms of individual awards this season, Higuain out numbers Costa as he has been named as the man of the match 10 times and also, for 12 times this season, he has been named as the best man in the team. Costa, on the other hand, has been named as the man of the match just twice and has been named as the best man in the team thrice.

In terms of creating chances, Higuain has created 50 chances for his team this season and has 2 assists to his name. Diego Costa has a far less number as he has created just 30 chances this season, but he does beat the Argentine as he has 6 assists to his name. When it comes to passing accuracy, both the strikers share the same stat with 78%

Talking in terms of defending, which is not their area of concern, Higuain beats the Spanish striker as he has won 48% of his total duels while Costa has won just 37%. In his 84 direct take ons, Higuain has won 48 of them. Furthermore, Diego Costa has won just 40 out of his 107 take ons this season.

Honestly speaking, if both were compared during last season, this would have been a tough fight, but now, it has been a one way traffic and the winner is the Argentine striker, Gonzalo Higuain.

Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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