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(Stats War) Januzaj vs Martial: The Right Time For This Comparison

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Anthony Martial

Things don’t always go as planned, more often than not, this season for Manchester United players and the coaching staff. While there has been a lot of heat on the current performances of the players and it seems that has affected a few players away from Manchester as well.

While Javier Hernandez is doing well at Bayer Leverkusen, another player in the Bundesliga is returning to Manchester United as confirmed by the latest reports. The Belgian was deemed excess at the club and was moved away on loan to Dortmund but his loan deal came to a quick and premature end with him moving back.

Anthony Martial was the player who was brought in to do the damage on the offensive end for Manchester United this season but the youngster is still trying to find his feet at the club. Would Adnan be a great option to have at the club or should be sold by Van Gaal? Using help from Sqwuaka.com we find out just what to do with the young Belgian.

A future at United for Adnan?

While Martial was brought with a lot of expectations, the stats from both players in terms of passing the ball around are the same. Martial managers 21.4 successful passes per 90 minutes while Januzaj, even with his limited game time for Dortmund has managed 21.3 successful passes per 90.

But the Belgian has a greater pass completion percentage this season with 81% compared to 77% for the French attacker at Manchester United. The Belgian also does more with his passes as he averages close to 3 key passes per 90 minutes while Martial only comes in with 1 per 90 minutes.

Even in the chances created stat, it is Martial who lags behind with 1.1 chances created per game, compared to the 3.8 created by Januzaj this season. The one stat where Martial has done better than Januzaj is the goals scored column, the French attacker scores a goal every three games it seems for United while Januzaj hasn’t scored a goal for Dortmund, though he did score for United before moving away at the start of the season.

Januzaj also seems to be a better carrier of the ball and beats his man more often than Martial as he has a take on the success rate of 70% this season while Martial only has a 44% success rate. Januzaj might not have been at the right end of the Van Gaal treatment but he could well be the game changer if he does manage to improve his skills