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(Stats) Chelsea vs Real Madrid – Which Striker Has Had A Better Season? We Have An Answer For You

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Karim Benzema

With one team battling in the finals of the champions league, the other one is struggling to finish their campaign in the top half of the table. I’m here talking about Real Madrid and the defending champions of the English crown Chelsea.

Both the clubs have had a different season and the players have been affected as well. Real Madrid is considered as the club which is full of confidence and the players usually love their stay no matter what the results are.

On the other hand, Chelsea is quite a kind of struggler. The main reason for their struggle is the premier league. You never know which team comes to your home and beats you. Chelsea, this season have been a completely different side. The team was supposed to defend their title and what they are doing is, struggling in the mid-table.

On the other side, we have the French striker, Karim Benzema who has had a mixed 2015-16 season. Well, he is playing in the league where Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez takes all the credits so you cannot really blame the player. Currently, the French sensation is hit by a major injury blow and missed out on the Champions league clash against Manchester City.

Here, we will be trying to compare both the strikers, and will be trying to figure it out that who amongst the two had a better season-

Benzema vs Costa-

Just for the records, Karim Benzema has 25 appearances to his name this sesason in La Liga and has played just 9 full games. He has been substituted in 15 games and started 1 game as a sub. Costa, on the other hand, has 27 appearances to his name in which, he has played 20 full games and has been substituted in 6. In their number of appearances this season, Benzema has scored 23 goals in the league and Costa has scored just 11.

Talking in terms of creating chances, the Frenchman easily out numbers the Spanish as he has created 38 chances this season and has 6 assists to his name. Costa, on the other hand, has created 29 chances for his team and also has 6 assists to his name this season. When compared both according to the individual awards, Benzema can be declared as the winner as he has been named as the man of the match for four times this season and Costa has been named the same twice.

Karim Benzema has an impressive shooting accuracy compared to Diego Costa. The Frenchman possesses a shooting accuracy of 62% this season in which, he has 47 shots on target and 29 shots off-target. Furthermore, Diego Costa has a shooting accuracy of 50% in which he has 25 shots on target and 25 off-target.

Diego Costa is easily outnumbered by the French striker when talking about the passing accuracy as well. Costa has an average passing accuracy of 77% this season and has completed 605 passes. Benzema, on the other hand, has the passing accuracy of 82% in the league and has completed 493 passes.

Talking defensively, Benzema has won 41% of his average duels in which, he has succeeded in 16 of his 36 individual take ons this season. Costa, on the other hand, has won just 36% of his average duels this season and has succeeded in just 36 out of his 100 individual take ons.

Well, that has been a clear result so far in which, the French striker has dominated the Spanish forward in almost every department this season. Karim Benzema is the clear winner here.

Stats taken from Squawka.com