Sports giants and celebrities help people with different movements

Because of the effects of COVID-19 on health and economy, athletes and celebrities help people in their way. Some of them donated cash, promoted campaigns, and joined several causes that can help ease the problems brought by it.  Among these celebrities and athletes were Rafael Nadal, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and more.

The American Way – Help Covid-19 / Charity That American Sportsmen and Celebrities Do

The All in for America’s Charity is a great poker event that aims to raise money to donate to Feeding America. The event hosted by Ben Affleck and other American celebrities.

The “All in for America’s Charity raised money that can help feed hungry people during the COVID-19 crisis. Organizers of “poker night” worked closely with the Feeding America non-profit organization that takes care of the charity that feeds people who cannot afford anything. The All in for America’s Charity poker tournament had a 10,000 dollars buy-in.

The charity event raised 1.75 million dollars to help the food banks. Ben Affleck announced his participation earlier that week. He encouraged everyone to join the All in for America’s Charity. He said that it was the best time to participate in the event because the pandemic put pressure on the food banks in America. The event was one of the best poker nights in 2020. Everything was easy for American celebrities and athletes as they had to join VIP casino online and stream it on Twitch. Poker was played on an online casino platform and it was easy for celebrities to stream with fans. Viewers could interact during the live stream and helped their favorite player. iGaming platforms are the perfect option during the covid stuff to host an event and raise money for charity. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon proved that they can use poker and other casino games (entertainment) to feed people during the lockdown. 

European way – Drogba, Nadal, and Griezmann Join Movement #3500Lives

Rafael Nadal spoke about his association with #3500Lives campaign

The #3500Lives is a worldwide campaign that promotes road safety. The #3500Lives aims to unite famous personalities to advertise road safety by following the road rules and staying at home.

One of those biggest athletes who took part in the campaign is the athlete Rafael Nadal. If you do not know him, he is a professional tennis player who won the Grand Slam for 19 times. Rafael Nadal is from Spain, one of the countries affected by COVID-19 the most.

So far, Rafael Nadal was the last one who joined the campaign. He announced his intention to support the #3500Lives on Instagram. Rafael Nadal being live on Instagram, surprised the fans because it is a rare opportunity.

On Instagram, he also connected with his court opponent and friend Roger Federer as they talked about various issues in the present. Because of the effects of COVID-19, Rafael Nadal has also been active in giving donations and support to various campaigns to ease the issues caused by the outbreak. The athlete is currently in Mallorca undergoing self-isolation. Other than Rafael Nadal, many joined the #3500Lives Campaign. It includes Felipe Massa, Didier Drogba, and Fernando Alonso.

Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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