Sporita: How to Profit on Football Using Big Data

As all football bettors already know, successful betting is all about finding value.

The higher the value of a bet – the higher the ROI a bettor generates.

Many expert bettors use different strategies to find value bets, but 99% of them will never generate an ROI higher than 6%.

Creating software that looks at large amounts of data to discover value bets is the latest innovation in the field of football predictions.

High-level skills in data science, coding, statistics and most importantly a love for the game of football are required to succeed in this task.

A team of programmers and football enthusiasts from sporita.com have managed to achieve the highest football betting ROI among all the known experts in the field.

So what’s their secret?

How do they manage to maintain their advantage over the bookies?

According to Alex Galilov, CTO of Sporita team:

“First of all, we know that a bookmaker, having more resources, is much better than us in calculating the odds of almost all of the betting markets.

For example, the bookies are very accurate when it comes to calculating the odds of the over/under market in English Premier League. Therefore, we will never bet on this market- there is simply no value.

Our program only looks for markets and leagues with opportunity.

And when we find leagues and markets where our calculation of the odds is better than those of the bookie, we immediately make a bet.

I truly hope that our IT guys will not be overly upset with me for revealing their secrets, but I will share one important discovery we’ve made.

Most of the bookmakers in Europe are terrible at calculating the over/under market in the French Ligue 2.  They have been wrong for years. So we exploit opportunities like this and profit on them.”

Unlike most in the field, the team from Sporita is pretty transparent with their football predictions, always posting the previous month’s predictions and ROI on their website.

So that, any bettor – professional or amateur – can follow, analyze and even try to reverse engineer their incredible strategies.

Making money on football betting is tough. Few sports bettors manage to profit a bit using their own skills, but most lose money.

Regardless of which group you belong to, the experts from Sporita are definitely worth learning from.

Find value bets on Sporita Football Predictions right now.


Written by SoccerSouls

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