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Sponsored By EA: Sports Games Are Best Served On Xbox One

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You may have your FPS, You may have your RPG games, You may have your RTS games, but there is a separate section of gamers like me, who spend most of their leisure time playing sports games.

Each and every sports games have a special connection with the fans because in most cases the players are actually mad follower of the particular sports in their real life. As an hardcore Arsenal supporter, when ever my team suffers a heavy defeat, there is a sudden inner urge to switch on my Xbox one and take a revenge on the opposition team in the virtual world.

After Soccer (which is played globally), certain sports are only played on selected geographies. Ice Hockey in U.S., Canada, Russia and a few others. NBA, NFL are played mainly in North America, and Baseball is played in N. America and also in few Asian countries. But in gaming world, you can see North Americans playing Fifa 15 on regular basis and fans in India playing NBA 2K15. Sports gaming has no boundaries.

Now, which console or platform is best for Sports gaming?

PC is always a great option but not everyone has the luxury of building a super-powered gaming PCs and in many cases, developers give their latest game engines in consoles first. Typical example is FIFA’s ignite engine which made its debut in next-gen consoles first before making an entry to PC, a year later. Adding to that, comfort and simplicity of the consoles make it a perfect choice for the sports gamers.

But Which Console?

Both the next-gen consoles are amazing on their own and have different strengths and weaknesses but our choice of console for sports gaming is Xbox One.

Here are few reasons,

1. Exclusive content – In Games like FIFA 15, you get special exclusive contents (Eg: Legendary players) only on Xbox One.

2. EA Access – EA Access is a subscription based service where you can enjoy games in the vault for a cheap price during the subscription period. EA are known for making addictive sports games. All-ready 3 sports games including UFC, Madden 25, and FIFA 14 are available in the vault. More to come in future.

3. Xbox Controller – Sports games needs a better controller to make use of their in-depth game mechanics. When it comes to controllers, Xbox one wins the battle over other platforms. Xbox One controllers’ build quality is just amazing and it’s Ergonomic design let the gamers enjoy non-stop gaming.

Don’t have a Xbox one yet? Grab one and enjoy the magic of the sports games in Xbox One, which will help you to beat the boring January blues.

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