Simply Not Good Enough: 3 Manchester United Players Who Should Step Up After The International Break


Manchester United is having one of the most disappointing seasons any contender has ever had, especially considering how much money they’ve spent in order to improve their team and make yet another run at the Premier League title after several mediocre seasons following Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure.

One of the main reasons why this club hasn’t been able to turn things around is because the lack of creativity that their new boss, Jose Mourinho, is showing in order to make several adjustments that will eventually make the team find a way to actually be consistent and get the results we all expect after that huge investment.

However, another reason why things haven’t worked out for the Red Devils is that some of the players aren’t playing how they’re supposed to due to several reasons, and in some cases, it has seemed that there’s a big lack of commitment from some of the players. Today, we’ll discuss the performances of three players that should definitely step up their game after the international break in order to get Manchester United back on track.

Wayne Rooney

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The skipper has had a horrible couple of years and he just doesn’t seem like the kind of different player that could break a game at will like he used to do through most of his successful career, and his mediocre performances seem to be hurting the team one way or the other.

Rooney has been axed by “the special one” and even if it shouldn’t have been an easy decision to make; it was definitely the right move from the Portuguese boss. However, he seems quite open to reconsidering that move if the captain turns his performances around.

The striker has been the most important player for Manchester United in the past decade, and if he wants to retain his spot in the team, he’ll need to improve his game as soon as possible, or he’ll have a really hard time finding minutes.


Written by Ernesto Cova

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